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    Bit of a rant. Since this horrible winter my skin has been really suffering, as well as my hair. Thing is I tried everything I could really think of. Latest product I tried was Dermalex excema cream, it took away the inflamation on my face and the skin started to repair... However I did have less regular outbreaks of it where the itching was really horrible and it was really lumpy and uncomfortable. I found that certain things triggered it like over exposure to sunlight, the mere touch of lanolin and even soap, which ik shouldnt really use it on the face, even shampoo. 2 weeks ago, just before I went on holiday, mum ordered some barley grass tablets (from natures best) they buy them from reputable suppliers, small suppliers and sustainable ones, within Europe and such. Since taking 2 tablets a day my skin has just cleared up and no outbreaks so far, slight itchiness this morning and I did apply Dermalex which cleared it up right away, but other than that nothing. The skin on my face is back to normal and smooth, which is amazing! However natures best have informed us that these tablets are no longer available due to Brexit crushing their smaller producers, so the only other companies I can get it from have put fillers in the tablets. Really upset about this (n)(n) Do you think there could be a way forward for farmers over here to supply for these type tablets at all? Or would cost of production be higher than what you would get out of it?
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