Battery rejuvenation


I have restored 2 vehicle batteries that the charger showed up as f---ed by using them on the electric fence for one week only then slow charging again. alternate 2 batteries this way and within a month both were showing battery full on the charger and tested ok under load as well. I have no idea why this should be so and don't suppose it will work for all batteries.


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Any way of washing the internal plated prevent dead cells
Yes, there is something although I can't remember at the mo. It removes the salts somehow. I believe that of a battery is fecked then there is no going back, you can make them seem better for a while until it gets cold and then leaves you in the lurch. We've had batteries in the past that have a shorted cell or something like that and will be fine for a week and then dead as a door nail.

best just to get shot of anything dodgy is my way of thinking now.
I was under the impression that the space between the plates and bottom of battery builds up with crud effectively shorting it between cells which is one of the main reasons battery's don't last (i was also told they can nigh on engineer this space to just the right height to get out of warranty).
Are there any firms that properly remake tired batteries? I'm guessing it's probably cheaper to buy a brand new battery than to remake an old one to a high standard in the uk?

Those days are long gone, but with wages and business expenses now could you really strip and rebuild a battery for the cost of a new one.
I wasn't advocating it being done in those working conditions. Just thinking along the Reduce>Reuse>Recycle principal.
I don't disagree that we should look at recycling/reusing etc. Trouble is batteries like many other things are made as cheap as they can be and so aren't easy to take apart. Years back they would be repaired but relatively speaking were probably dearer so repair would be a cost effective option


Recycling of lead acid batteries is not only easy to do but you will get paid pretty well to do so at any scrap yard.
£15 quid to cash in your knackered battery seems pretty good to me. No guarantee it becomes a new battery though.

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