Bayer’s 2021-22 SpotCheck initiative opens

Written by Charlotte Cunningham from CPM Magazine

Bayer’s SpotCheck initiative has opened for the 2021-22 growing season with a new, simplified sample pack request process. Charlotte Cunningham reports. Oilseed rape growers and agronomists can request a sample pack direct from Bayer’s website. Leaf samples will be assessed by ADAS experts for signs of light leaf spot and other key diseases, with the results helping growers to adapt their fungicide programmes accordingly. Light leaf spot is an airborne polycyclic disease, capable of several infection cycles each season. The severity and incidence of the disease varies from year to year and is driven by weather conditions. Temperatures between 4 and 20°C and wet conditions are ideal for infection and spread within the crop. It can be difficult to spot; tiny sugar-like spores can occur on either side of the leaf. “Fungicides perform best when applied in a protectant scenario against light leaf spot, so it’s important to get the timing right,” says Rosalind Martin, combinable fungicide campaign manager for Bayer UK and Ireland. “If growers can get identify the disease in the early stages of infection, decisions can be made about fungicides in a timely way, to protect the crops yield potential through winter.” Launched in 2017, Bayer says…
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