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What I don’t get is why we are meant to feel bad about rainforests and jungle being cleared when there is absolutely naff all we can do about it, you think a bloke in Brazil with a chainsaw gives a sh!t if Karen is upset he’s cut a tree down, Britain is a dot compared to some country’s consumerism, it’s like me saying “don’t worry wales I won’t cut my garden hedge and rewild my lawn to off set the rest of your carbon emissions


How big would the mountain of soya by product be if it were not consumed by agriculture?

... and what would happen to said mountain? Sent to landfill? Left to rot? Ultimately decomposing and producing how much of what gas...
Theresa May’s energy price cap was a clumsy statist measure to mitigate this self-created problem. It does nothing to solve it, and it has already driven many small energy suppliers out of business.

So yes, we are indeed fuel-poor, and getting poorer. And therefore, many are cold, and will get colder.

A similar approach increasingly governs this Government’s attitude to food production. How long before we find ourselves facing policy-induced “food poverty”? I have just invented the phrase, but there is already a word for the consequence – hunger.
It’s not just The BBC. It’s the way the political and social wind is blowing and The BBC is reflecting that. Yes, it is also propagating it, of course it is. Frankly, farmer’s must be totally in Ostrich-mode if they haven’t realised that farming for food production is no longer of importance to UK Governments and that trees and re-wilding and imported meat products will replace vast swathes of UK livestock, specifically ruminant and pork agriculture over the next decade or certainly two. Even with the tacit approval of the farming Union which you might expect, mistakenly, to be looking after the interests of actual farmers as well as the real rural environment and domestic food production and security.
You can shout about ‘unsustainable sources’ all you like and it will make no difference. Only the inability to purchase food from abroad, resulting in empty shelves and unaffordable prices will have any effect on policy in favour of domestic food production once more. Should that ever happen.
taken from the Telegraph website

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JCB launches Fastrac ‘iCon’

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Written by Charlotte Cunningham from CPM Magazine

JCB has launched new Fastrac 4000 and 8000 Series tractors with an all-new electronics infrastructure which is claimed to deliver higher levels of performance. According to JCB, the new Fastrac iCon operator environment has three key features: iConfigure – creating a bespoke control experience for every operator iConnect – integrating advanced precision agriculture technology iControl – redefining operation through new driveline software The 175hp to 348hp (133kW to 260kW) Fastracs feature the new iCon armrest console and touch-screen display to provide flexibility in operator allocation and operator information, as well as a new transmission control strategy to enhance operator comfort and powertrain efficiency, says the manufacturer...