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    Ah, I see that the auto-prig is up and running again.

    There is an historical theory, of sorts, commonly referred to as 'Cleopatra's nose'; the general gist being that a very small detail way back can have major repercussions in the future. Psychologists tend to agree that the same can be said for people, that a small event or factor in life can colour the remainder in many and unpredictable ways.

    This has lead me to wonder what on Earth can have happened to poor Wally for him to end up like this? So I thought a bit more and did a bit of research and, 'Hey presto!' I found that the superb P.G. Wodehouse came up with the answer long ago, I quote his Bertie Wooster "there's some raw work pulled at the font from time to time, is there not?"

    Well, as the lovely French so rightly say 'Tout comprendre c'est tout pardonner', so Wally you, now and forever, are forgiven. We all have our cross to bear, but some are a hell of a lot heavier than others. :)
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    But the unionists who pull on a green jersey for Ireland in rugby, take more pleasure in beating England than beating any of the other home nations . It's damn complicated. Innit!!!
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    And there is another complication. It's said in Ireland that for the most part the English settlers and planters given land through Leinster and Munster, soon turned their backs on the old country and became more Irish than the Irish themselves .
    Many of them instigators and participants in the rebellion of 1798.
    Nought so queer as folk! Is there ?
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    To introduce some objectivity to counter a slew of unpleasant opinions, a dispassionate observer might refer to the 2011 UK Census. This introduced a question on national identity for the first time, itself due to an increased interest in national consciousness and demand from people to acknowledge their national identity.

    The results were interesting: 91% identified with at least one UK national identity (English, Welsh, Scottish, Northern Irish, and British). OK, not surprising.

    Here’s the surprising bit - of those, 67% chose ’English’ (37.6 million people) and the majority of those self-identifying as ‘English‘ (57%, or 32 million people) chose not to add ’British’.

    Even more surprising, only 19% (10 million) selected ‘British’ as a sole identifier.

    [Percentages will not round to 100 per cent as respondents could tick more than one national identity]

    It is as I surmised.

    Do I get an apology, I wonder?
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    I am trying to remember what I put??
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    I think you said "Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please."

    Or it may have been Mark Twain. I forget, as you do.
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    I know I generally put British on these nationality things that one has to fill out. But occasionally have put English. SO I am minded to think the 2011 Census got British.

    I also generally decline to state my ethnicity - used to put Fenman when one could find a blank box to write in - now tend to be all tick boxes so self options. Terribly childish I know and a real pain when some poor administrator is trying to actually use the information. But these are the only rebellious things one can do.
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    ZumerZet Somerset
    and what % picked Welsh or Scottish or NI :rolleyes: FFS
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    ZumerZet Somerset
    @Danllan really has got your number
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  10. Identity is complex and multifaceted.

  11. We can all agree to be earthlings?

  12. 118118?
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    I met a chap from Lancashire who had never hears of the M25 . :giggle:
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    W Wales
    I blame football

    - long live Team GB and the Queen!

    And the Union Flag and the Red Arrows :)
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