Bearing and Gear pullers


Got a comprehensive set of Sykes Pickavant I’m just about to sell, came with a job lot of gear from a factory closure. For comparison also pictured Spaldings set which I’ve only used 3/4 times which I’ll keep just in case but unlikely to need as using contractors on farm now.

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That's the SP set I have, bought it in an auction years ago for £50. Was smiling all day as in my mind i would have gone much higher!! Without doubt one of the most handy things I own and a select few quite often borrow it from me on the basis if they lose or break anything, they replace it.


Well I bought the Spaldings set after all, after a few fails on Ebay.

Havent tried it yet, its certainly not a Sykes Pickavant one, but seems ok for the money.

My reckoning is that its the same as the Sealey one here,, similar sets on Ebay for £90 odd, though the Spaldings one has a few more hex rods and a decent enough steel box.
The instruction booklet has a pic in it of the set in a plastic case like the Sealey one.
I've a mobile drier to sort out so we'll see if its any use then! :scratchhead: :scratchhead:

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