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  1. Frank-the-Wool

    East Sussex
    Any business that sells a product by weight has to have its scales checked and calibrated at least annually. They are open to inspection by Trading Standards in what was weights and measures.
    All market scales that are using weight for selling stock by the kilo should have a sticker on the scales or near to them with the date of the last test. Some of the older markets that sell by the "head" only use scales as a guide so are not required to calibrate annually.

    However in some areas it was "tradition" to round down the weights. This is probably illegal if you are using calibrated scales.
    Some older scales that do not automatically tare could also be set to a lower starting weight for zero. This was acceptable when you were weighing product inside a container. You used the weight of the container as the tare.

    Most modern markets now use electronic scales with digital readouts so there should be no room for errors except where the booking clerk still uses a calculator to divide by the number of animals. I do understand there may be markets in the outer reaches of the country that may have a bent abacus.

    On the issue of weighing livestock and losing or gaining weight, any lamb weighed in the afternoon I would subtract around 2kg from the expected morning liveweight and cattle could be up to 20kg on grass. Obviously animals on ad lib feed will be more.
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  2. Al R

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    West Wales
    Frank you may well know this but many others on here may not. It’s as much as an offence to overweight as it is to underweigh!

    When I used to buy a lot of fertiliser I would always buy per load and not per bag as I’ve seen plenty of 970kg bags and plenty of 1025kg bags. Lorries weighed before pickup and after, so don’t take things as gospel if your calibrating bags of fert/seed...
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  3. Henarar

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    ZumerZet Somerset
    are you sure you are looking at the correct reports for the correct market ?
  4. Henarar

    Henarar Member

    ZumerZet Somerset
    Frome young stores today same old story that I had seen at sedge this winter if they had good size and shape for their age they were selling quite well anything else is heavily discounted
  5. Welshlamb

    Welshlamb Member

    St merryn £4.3 today, paying upto 21kg, Dunbia £4.45 paying upto 22kg. Ive never seen dunbia giving more than St merryn, hoggs hopefully getting thinner on the ground.
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  6. ISCO

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    North East
    I've heard of a few people when starting to use fertilizer spreaders with weigh cells who thought their new fert spreader was wrong only to find out the bags were not all 600kg which was causing the problem.
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  7. Werzle

    Werzle Member

    Multiple sources telling me store cattle trade was alot better at ludlow today, young suckler-bred steers and hfrs risen £70-100 on pre christmas prices. 340 ish kg things that were making £650-690 before xmas now making £750+
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  8. Oh bullocks

    Oh bullocks Member

    Very sad wanting to know this.
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  9. silverfox

    silverfox Member

    It was said tongue in cheek. Look at the smilie.
  10. hill farmer

    hill farmer Member

    4-5 buyers there, used to be another one or two. Lot of good lambs.
    We didn't have a bad trade for our type of lambs a yr or two back ( mainly hill tups and small ewe lambs) but this yr and last they have been better on the dead, lights still go live there though.
    Son took some today 35.5kg chev/Welsh tups made £68, 39kg made only £70(better at f fresh),
  11. TWhist

    TWhist Member

    No any nice headed or shapey lambs were making £75+. Some lambs were weighed at 27kg and made £70
  12. gone up the hill

    SQQ for South Molten yesterday was 200.2 pk, for prime hoggs,

    Up nearly 8pk on the week, numbers also up by over 26% on the week.
  13. jendan

    jendan Member

    Do these buyers know something that the rest of us dont?
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  14. Andrew1983

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    Black Isle
    Any beef price updates recently? Has the fat trade hit the bottom? Will it bounce and any takers on how high!?
  15. had e nuff

    had e nuff Member

    £4 by xmas(y)
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  16. Northeastfarmer

    It’s bottomed out now...In the words of yazz...the only way is up
  17. always busy

    always busy Member

    Woodheads down 2p next week at turriff.
  18. mark perego

    mark perego Member

    in a river
    Hope northeastfarmer’s turned his cat out before he reads this.:LOL:
  19. cattleman123

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    These smaller Brexit lambs are looking very dangerous to me.....wont be going till May...will the wheel come off, well parliament is certainly making the wheel wobble...I am sitting on the fence now
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  20. jendan

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    They are looking dangerous even if there was going to be no Brexit at those prices.:scratchhead:
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