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The auctioneers merry go round is like the football managers! Leave one auction company (football team) and they turn up somewhere else!!

Wallets mart at Castle Douglas getting a new auctioneer as well I think..


I think they would have been £85.00 top line at a markets
This is where sell live and thrive has something to answer too. 90% of what i buy would be making £5 a head more dead than live. I dont buy the fancy headed ones tho. No need to quote a good trade this week in markets as thats a flash in the pan, we need consistant live trade week in week out


It is but the mind boggles as to where have they been until now? why the change of heart ? and on what terms?
Alot of farmers have sold early this year due to the uncertainty of Brexit around October.

The abattoirs will have less to choose from direct off farm, is the most likely reason they have decided to visit the marts again.
Yes, sheep will be very short buy march, folk that bought nice lmbs at 55£ when folk thought brexit would happen will double there money at this rate. I know a guy who bought about 1800 and didn't pay over 60 for any of them, he doesn't sell any till February, he also bought 500 feeding ewes at 40/50. He was at Stirling on Monday but only got 70, they cost him 73,. He said that was him finished.

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