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North Yorkshire
Thirsk Yesterday was very good, Lots of big 700kg+ bullocks making £2.10+ the dearest things yesterday were dairy bred blues and limi's R grade cattle regularly £2.15+. RP said to me at the end that's the dearest he's seen that type of beast for a long time. I ave £2.25 601KG for the last 10 in a pen.
Hoggs were on fire ave 2.44 SQQ and 2.36 all in, hardly any pens less than £100!!!!! I was up to £133 ave £116 47kg


Livestock Farmer
Mendips Somerset
bit worrying short term is slowdown in general sales of all goods to china due to virus and various quarantine regs , can quite see mr tesco getting a few extra boat loads out of NZ just to temper uk easter price ,Processors are already renting extra cold storage to hold supplies up but cant be long before they start unloading on other markets .


Livestock Farmer
So anyone that doesn't agree with you or PBH is on a rant?

Utter BS!

The point of a forum is too discuss issues and that doesn't mean to claim everyone that doesn't agree with you are on a rant!

Lamb at £5 kilo deadweight is NOT too expensive for the consumer!

The days of cheap food are coming to an end!
Or as far as beef is concerned they may just be about to start
No good going on about where the price should be, you tell us how you or anyone else outside of government is going to put it there ?
The government can put the price up and they can also put it down, they could put it so low that even the smug barstewards on here that think they can farm beef for four fifths of feck all would be out of a job


Livestock Farmer
Mendips Somerset
Do you mean cheap food on the shelf for the consumer or cheap food at the farm gate or both? Not a loaded question, I'm genuinely interested why you believe the days of "cheap food" are coming to an end?
i would think if public and government genuinely believe in the environment / animal health / quality and traceability argument , you cant have the factory type farming we have now . lot of noise about extensive animal production , plants, trees , species rich pasture . that wont work with todays practice . and subs will falter before elms gets into full swing.only way will be better prices or bust


Mixed Farmer
Anyone see the in lamb ewes sold at Exeter today?

Mules to 150 plus.

A dispersal of very good Romney cross ewes from another forum member sold to about 140 I think. Though most around 120.

Couples trade was mental. Saw £80 a life for Suffolk mules.

store trade also very good again

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