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Thirsk Yesterday was very good, Lots of big 700kg+ bullocks making £2.10+ the dearest things yesterday were dairy bred blues and limi's R grade cattle regularly £2.15+. RP said to me at the end that's the dearest he's seen that type of beast for a long time. I ave £2.25 601KG for the last 10 in a pen.
Hoggs were on fire ave 2.44 SQQ and 2.36 all in, hardly any pens less than £100!!!!! I was up to £133 ave £116 47kg

On the hole not to bad an average only let down was an Angus heifer that was over age and over fat the rest were fine

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Grief and Loss

Many people associate the term grieving with a person (or pet) having passed away, but we experience the same type of grief process every time we encounter a significant sense of loss, regardless or the circumstances. Taking into consideration that losses represent endings, and that new beginnings must follow these ends, it is not surprising that many people struggle to let go of what has been familiar to them and instead move toward the unknown reality of these changes.

You might be losing your health, your quality of life, a relationship, your vocation as you take retirement, or your sense of identity and purpose as...