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You out AGAIN today? Your as bad as forage trader.

If I stay home and don't travel on the roads can you please tell me WHO is going to feed my livestock/ do field work etc..

Doesn't matter how bad this virus gets ( not that it will be very bad ) I will be on the roads every day unless I get the virus and then of course I will self isolate for 14 days.

You claim to be supporting farmers at this very difficult time sid but all I see it you bullying and trolling me, says it all about you really.

Given how tough things are for everyone currently why don't you just lay off me for a bit...
What hope do we have received this today if they don't want lamb / meat now what hope have we got as a industry
What hope do we have received this today if they don't want lamb / meat now what hope have we got as a industry View attachment 866230

Problem is that no one knows what rules the government are going to introduce overnight with immediate effect next..

So they cant plan anything.

One hell of a mess currently for no good reason, hopefully things will calm down over the next few days and prime livestock buyers will know where they are and what they are allowed and not allowed to do.


Brace yourself for beef prices to be back next week. Chills full and processors don't want stuck with beef if they don't have the staff to process it. Still demand in the shops but I suppose all this panic buying will eventually calm down. Distribution may also be an issue as @Treg says.

Anyone heard a deadweight price for ewes? I can't see the sheep price downturn lasting any longer than mid-April with Ramadan just round the corner.

Woodheads killing Saturday, never known it. They are flat out, stores can’t be that full.


About 30,000 lambs sold in markets this week 25% of the usual of which most 17,000 were sold on Monday when price drop was introduced. No markets for the next three days. The trade says they dont want them for various reasons and farmers/auctioneers have reacted by not flooding the market. 8.7 million Muslims in UK and France soon be celebrating Ramadan and Easter coming. Glass half full here!!


North Yorkshire
What would these of graded dead? Expenses off these and they don't add up well against store sales in Cumbria. I think i read you go across the 66.
R4- U 3/4 What i took yesterday, I also one 32 month old. some of yesterdays probably won't stack up right well against bought in price, but that's just fattening cattle and selling live weight. I'd much rather support a local mart that helped me out of deep sh?te in F&M, and the buyers around the ring who come every week and buy my cattle and like my cattle, than some of the deadweight firms who could not give a sh?te who you are or what cattle you send them . Everyone is different we all have to what you think is best for your own business.
Hexham on today for both sheep and cattle. Was thinking of going to buy some grazing cattle maybe the time to buy them. All depending on the lambing front.
Having read previous post about honest auctioneers they’ve been pretty good and proactive at letting people know what’s going on. Had two of the young auctioneers on the phone this week keeping me updated and yes honest about the trade for both sheep and cattle. I was thinking about cashing last of my hoggs and handful of cast ewes.
They’ve been more honest than my deadweight agents in the past and present and much more helpful and I think I should support them more now.
My view, I’m going to hold onto our sheep until mid-end April. It’ll come right.


I wonder if there is a killing to be made now buying up these cheap cull ewes and grazing them on, need shearing sometime and you take the gamble that next year out of the eu prices dont remain low but they could easily double in value for no work
"next year out of the EU"..............hahahahahahaha............


The trouble is supermarkets just can’t chuck meat out on the shelves. It all has to be pre packed because that’s how they present it. Hardly any butchery departments yet alone staff to man one.

I suspect that it’s just a massive logistics and packing bottle neck that’s keeping shelves empty.
I'm sure if they could get it it would be on the shelves.
This is happening so quick it would be hard for any business to react to that increase demand.

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