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A number of reasons.

Firstly it is always cheaper to kill a big lamb as it will be less cost per kg.
Catering outlets have been very busy recently and they want big legs and chops.
Beef price is high and so there isn't the differential between it and lamb. The butchers tell me that the customers have now got used to the high lamb price and demand is increasing.
Export demand may also be driving the demand for heavies as there will be very little lamb in Europe at the moment other than what we are sending them.
Well meated ewes are also increasing in value again.

I remember at sheep breeders round table a couple of years ago Lesley Stubbins saying we should reconfigure the industry for a 25kg carcass. Apparently it would deliver efficiencies across the supply chain.


Do you see many well batched big lots at Hexham ? Do they sell well or penalised ? The big man is always at me to bring some down if I do best in pairs or fill the ring ?
Mostly sold in singles and small lots well matched up odd big lots sold 5 upwards not 20s/30s though sell ok though just not for me


I'm not a big store lamb buyer but I've heard of a few farms that are getting paid £35 an acre to have no stock on the fields from Nov 1st. No rhyme or reason to the type of farm either by the sounds of it, 2 good dairy farms, one down on the fylde coast, one in the valley I live, and then a bit of a rough windy corner of a very extensive grazing spot. I think that'll make more difference than till price.
Some kinda of Grant or set-aside thing?


Livestock Farmer
I love a fast auction. I sold some yearlings local a couple of weeks ago, sale started at 11 and we where done and away by 12, I think there where 1500 sheep in big lots (mine where in 40’s) but buyers could take a cut. It makes a real bidding frenzy when they are flying in big lots because people think they won’t get another chance. Nothing worse than the small lots or the back pener not keeping up to slow the sale, then the buyers all have a chat and price drops.

Top Tip.

I bought two hundred store lambs a while ago two lots of one hundred each all off one place easy peasy lemon squeezey , it’s worth another little bit for simplicity all having same tags 😂
I also find that cattle will settle far quicker and are more content if they come in with their herd mate with the result that if I do buy a single I will often try to buy another one of the same farm.


But sometimes a single beast will make over the odds....reason agents buying can use it as a benchmark for the load...a beast say at a £1000...with bunches the same size at say £970/80 .. ...or i agree i have seen them as the cheapest beast on the wagon

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