Being middle class ?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by holywell farmer, Jul 15, 2017.

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    @holywell farmer
    Don't let the bastar#s grind you down mate (y):whistle:
    Great thread had fun reading through it .
    Me !!!!! Well I must be not only the forum pis# head (after reading :nailbiting::nailbiting: it seems I am one of the lowest forms of pond life on the social scale :sorry::sorry::banghead: !
    Little fat fag smoking beer swilling foul mouthed snuff taking subterranean oik !!!:whistle::whistle:

    To be honest though this obsession with class seems to be a purely British disease ! back home in blighty I would as a miner be classed as lower working class , here in Germany I am put up with the gods if there was to be a form of social scale (maybe over here it has something to do with your earning potential )

    I think Princess Pooper summed it up perfectly .

    The world is full of good people and pratts , class has nothing to do with it , you are what you are .

    I personally come from what is perceived as a working class family , my great grand parents all worked in the pits , until after WW2 when my grandfather on my mothers side was demobed and trained to be a teacher at this point my mothers family proudly made the point that they were now middle class :facepalm: , my grandfather on my fathers side worked his way up from pony boy to colliery manager and ended up as a regional advisor for the National Coal Board . even though he had a grandiose position in the industry (apparently equal to upper class) nan still refered to him as a working class oik :scratchhead:.

    You can judge for yourselves


    Today I have senior management that insist I address them by thier fore name which I refuse to do !!!
    I regard it as a sign of respect to address somebody as Herr (Mr) if he is over me ! it has nothing to with class or privilage just plain old simple respect and dad always taught us to salute the cap not the man that wears it :sneaky:

    Now I am going off on a tangent here !!!!! so better leave it at that , got to go and post in the oooooooooohhhhhh thread (y):whistle::whistle:

    As a disclaimer - please note the liberal use of smileys means I wrote this very tounge in cheek ;)

    Now I better go and let me pigeons out and take the wippet out for a pint (y) flat cap placed firmley on head !!!

    Glück auf

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    Max you are a true gentleman (y)
    @holywell farmer don t take anything to heart, I love your threads and this was fun and educational o_O in a very round about way. We were having just a bit of fun:)
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    Ahhhhhhhhhhh :love::love::love:
    You just made an old man very happy :happy:
    Do you fancy a trip over to the fatherland ;) You can stroke my wippet if you want :sneaky::whistle:
    I'll buy you a Babysham and Gold label (y)(y)(y)

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    Babycham? You serious? I m taking back the 'gentle' here:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
    Who do you think I is, I only drink beer you know:p
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  5. Thanks just a lot on my plate at moment trying to arrange new work, tidy the car plus some odd jobs I have on today
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    Had a mate in the yard this morning telling me about his Claas mower, he didn't say anything as polite as ghastly little thing about it.:eek:
    He's sent it back to the dealers to see if they could sort it out but they say everything's normal on it so now he's of the opinion they're all the same:(
    Dealer has suggested the problem might be his tractor so he's borrowing mine this afternoon, they'd better not suggest there's anything wrong with that:mad: as it handles my much bigger pottinger fine.(y)
    I did suggest maybe it's my mower not my tractor he should be borrowing.:ROFLMAO:
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    Can we not just socialise with folks whom we like and avoid the ones we don't regardless of social status? If I like you I like you if I don't then I don't nowt to do with social class or background!
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    Now now, there's no need to get all serious.

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