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    Hi, wonder if any one can explain the basics of the brake system on a 1989 - 1 ton - benford dumper, this has ST1 Lister diesel engine, at the moment there is a brake master cylinder behind seat, running from this is 1 copper line which goes into top of front axle, the other side is not connected at all, how does the brakes work through the axle, i read some where they are immersed in oil, can any body help ? thanks
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    nr. preston
    Ive messed with oil brakes on a 4t benford

    Copper pipe to either side of the axles large wet brake disc . With half shaft thru middle . Looks like a clutch disc
    Oil presumably from axle / diff
    Large rubber o ring was seal i think .
    It was a few years ago .

    Whats the problem with urs .
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    hi tomlad thanks for reply, basically theres only 1 copper pipe connected to front axle, so no brakes at all, hopefully it would just be a case of connecting up second pipe and bleeding systyem, but ive no idea how the brakes operate, theres another short brake pipe on the axle which does a small loop onto 2 different brake nipples and disapears into the axle on each one ive looked at some photos of other axles and this seems to look correct, so i will try and connect all up and see what happens, i will let you know, cheers, (might be gone for some time)
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    Any pictures?
  5. tomlad

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    nr. preston
    Rear axle of the one i mentioned
    I think both same axle

    Oil in on side fitting . Out on top fitting to other side (same axle ) in on side / 3 o'clock blead screw on top .
    If that makes sense. Looks like one copper pipe to each axle . In one side across to other . One blead per axle .

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