best 12m cambridge rollers

Discussion in 'Machinery' started by tupmaster, Sep 15, 2018.

  1. tupmaster

    tupmaster Member

    any advice greatly appreciated
    build quality
    weight (light land)
    side opening or high unfolding
    stress on wheels when unfolding
  2. quattro

    quattro Member

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  3. fergie35

    fergie35 Member

  4. wuddy

    wuddy Member

    Scottish Borders
    18m Dalbos here! Good set of rollers!
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  5. Joseph

    Joseph Member

    Just purchased a set of Dalbo's at 12 metres they are very good.
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  6. juke

    juke Member

    Dalbo best rolls get the right model to suit
  7. Against_the_grain

    Dalbo not heavy or strong enough imo. Got some cousins contour hd 12m rolls which are decent. Few design quirks but a heavy set of rolls.
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  8. Alistair Nelson

    E Yorks
    Dalbo all the way top product very well made and a really decent team of people to deal with.
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  9. Clever Dic

    Clever Dic Member

    Just bought a 10.4 M set of Cousins with shattaboards. 24 inch rings they are very simple and well made,maybe not as many pivot points on the gangs as some but with that comes less complications.
  10. collie

    collie Member

    Got a set of dalbo with shatter boards on heavy land, and for ever welding the frame plus the tipping ram was corroded within weeks of getting them they replaced it and within a few months the second ram did the same. When you store them either the tipping ram or the wing rams are out unless you take the pin out of one of them to pull it in. IMO just not well enough built for heavy land.
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  11. snipe

    snipe Member

    west yorkshire
    Shatter boards put a lot of extra stress on the frame. Our 7.4 meter twoes can use all the 210hp on the front..
  12. Brisel

    Brisel Member

    Cousins Contour - strong frame and good for fitting seeder/pelleter units to as unfolding is simpler requiring less pipework. Very top heavy and no weight transfer to the wings
    Twose - bearings don't last long but that might just be the bearing quality. Older versions had a rack & pinion for unfolding the outer sections that was very unreliable. Newer linkage based system looks much better Alamo owns them now so parts will be slow to get. Otherwise, a good set of rolls
    HeVa - poor bearing life, poor rams and paint quality. Good otherwise. First class weight transfer to all roll sections. Long frame.
    Vaderstad - small diameter rolls which have more rolling resistance. Expensive for what they are.

    No experience with any other makes
  13. Qman

    Qman Member

    Near Derby
    I've got a NRH roller and it seems OK, what do you experts think of them? Or daren't I ask!
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  14. Laminated

    Laminated Member

    Twose 12m and 6m here. I like everything about the 12m, good weight, nice size rings. But unfolding mechanism is awful, but it does work (older model). Bearings easy to change and last if well greased. 6m set is just brilliant all around
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