Best mouse trap.


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Tin cat. It’s a metal box about 6 by 8 inches and two inches deep. Has a hole that allows mice in but a device inside that stops them from getting out. Wife put one in a horse barn and the first night she caught 13 and a half. Guess they got hungry.
Cant get more humane than the traditional little nipper, with chocolate spread or peanut butter.

Ideally find yourself a couple of young teenagers and pay them a bounty. Job done.


Arable Farmer
Pitfall trap into a bucket of antifreeze solution works well - attractive to mice, but watch out for dogs
Don’t like poison in a grain store, glue boards are very inhumane, little nippers work well but need constant attention to reset
Sticky pads. Just place them on the paths used by the mice. You can "Promote" pathways using wood etc. If in doubt of where they are running use something like lime.

Pretty disgusting TBH but it works.

Use the rat version rather than mouse version.

Cannot leave them in place whilst handling grain - the dust nutralises the glue. When under control revert to poison.
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I wouldn’t be without the farmyard cat. Not infallible, and there is unfortunately collateral damage, but he does keep the background level of vermin down. He doesn’t have access to the grain store itself but patrols the yard around it every night and sleeps all day.
Yep, lots of organisations looking to rehome feral cats. I've always found that a pair works better compared to a single.

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