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Thanks for the feedback - we work hard at every issue. @SilliamWhale that's why we have so many farmers writing about what they are doing and trying on their farms. To mix industry data with farmer data. Puts everything into perspective.
Although personally I find some of the biological agriculture and potions type articles pretty ropey. In fact so ropey that if it was in the Farmers Weekly I'd be cross reading it.

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Project Lamport, now in its seventh year, is the UK’s leading R&D trials event. The original concept aimed to develop a cultural approach to blackgrass control, but has since evolved over the years. The site now explores improving soil health, as well as a comprehensive research project that investigates the impact of cultivations, compaction and cover crops on soil structure, organic matter and microbiology.

Expect weekly updates on Project Lamport, allowing you to participate in the entire journey rather than just the final product. These updates conclude with the official Project Lamport site demonstration and a live Q&A with our experts on the 15th of July.

Read more about the different systems at...