Best spray to kill what ever it touches

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  1. to go through a Knapsack for general farm yard spray.

    Grazon and roundup with a bit of wetter would work I am sure but can you stick them both through a knapsack?

    What other options are there to kill all weeds known to man!?
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    Glypho in which ever brand it comes in will turn nearly everything yellow.

    Grazon is for broad leaf weeds.

    iirc Grazon is 60ml/10L and Roundup is 50ml/10L for spot treatment through knapsack.
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  3. So will that kill brambles and nettles as well, I didn't think it was so good on nettles?
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  5. So nettles and grasses, wil glypo do the lot?

    I didn't think it could hence mentioned grazon
  6. A1an

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    Grazon wont touch the grass if sprayed at recommended dose.

    Glypho does everything green. Watch the drift on Glypho too. Even stepping on treated areas then on to your lawn will leave yellow footprints.
  7. Roundup Probiactive 450 is 200ml in 10 litres in a knapsack when spraying at a rate of 4l/ha (perennial broadleaved weeds) according to the label.
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  8. A1an

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    Just as well I chuck in that extra glug for good measure
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  9. tw15

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    Recon most knapsack ops use the glug measure with glyphosphate.
  10. neilo

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    Established nettles will be burnt off but will regrow from the roots IME. In other countries, there are various glypho + triclopyr licensed. I obviously wouldn't advocate mixing those products in the UK though, as I haven't seen it on any label here....:whistle:
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    Chikara for paths & yards you don't want regrowth in. Glyphosate for the grasses.
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    I'm told that where it's legal glypho plus mcpa does just about everything.
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    East Sussex
    Yep, chikara and glypho does the car park here all summer with one go. If nettles And brambles are a problem I suppose you could chuck some thistlex with it if it was legal.

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