Better not to want things.

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  1. Remember my Economics teacher, explaining that the problem with humans is that "the more we have the more we want".

    He was right.

    I was having a late breakfast this morning & there was a programme on called rip off Briton. It was all about people who had, had their holidays ruined & how upset they were. It just seems so easier not to go on holiday & then nothing to be disappointed about.

    I suppose easy for me when I have an interesting & rewarding job.

    A more extreme example, I was told about a large scale farmer. Who had a wagon based horse box to go hunting with & had installed a £4,000 plasma screen, his farm fitter had installed the tv, but a leak from the arial had allowed rainwater to ruin the tv. The farmer was jumping up & down effing & blinding, if he had not had the tv everyone would have had a happier day.

    My nephews & niece have far too many toys & I love to buy them things. But I go easy & try to spend lots of time with them playing & gentily teaching them as much as I can. They seem to love me just as much as the more generous relatives.
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  2. Lincs Lass

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    north lincs
    I find the more money some have ,the more they want yet they plead poverty all the time ,
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  3. Zippy768

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    Are you implying that people go on holiday because they aren't happy in their work ?
  4. Not really, lots of people go on holiday for many reasons & yes they deserve to be treated well.

    I am however saddened that people put so much store in the next thing they are saving for & are then dissapointed that it is not perfect.

    I don't go on holiday, but I think I'm very lucky to have a varied interesting job, if I worked in a toilet roll factory manning a noisy machine, I'm sure I would live for the weekend/holiday.

    It would be very difficult for me to go on holiday for various reasons, family members do go. I don't regret that, but would if it affected other people.
  5. Old Boar

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    West Wales
    We are constantly bombarded to buy things, sometimes things we did not know existed. Advertising works, whether it is a spud or a car. If you actually realise you are being manipulated, it really helps not to be tempted to spend on stuff you do not really need.
    If you buy something you do not need, just fancy, ask yourself why. Was it the ads, or to make you feel good for a few minutes? Is it worth it in the long run?
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  6. Pond digger

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    East Yorkshire
    Quite agree. It’s a perfectly understandable, but ultimately destructive human trait. Of course it also fuels economic growth ( for manufacturing countries ), and everyone seems to think growth is a good thing.
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  7. CharcoalWally

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    West of Scotland
    The problem with the telly is that the General Public are on it far too much.

    Moaning about their money problems, skin problems, hair problems, sex life problems, job problems.

    Gives one a completely skewed view that everyone is an unhappy , maladjusted, self absorbed, selfish, neurotic, inconsolable tosser.

    They can't all be, but the one's they put on the TV are , as happy , contented people don't fill an hour of "interesting " telly.

    Switchit off, it's all sh!t. Newsflash. Most people go on holiday and have a perfectly lovely time . I know I do. I value my little amount of time off and certainly wouldn't stay home at risk of it being less than perfect .

    Ignore the moaners and focus on your own happiness. I've seen Rip off Britain before . Even if I had a bad experience, I'd never want to appear on it.

  8. When Alan Sugar was a bit more normal and the owner of Spurs, I remember him calling it the prune syndrome. Ie the more you put in the more comes out. The interview was with regard to funding a football club.

    I fully agree with your sentiments (y), in fact it’s largely why I moved here for a “simple life”
  9. fred.950

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    It also makes it more acceptable for the people watching these TV programs to act in a similar way, like people who have the misfortune of watching East Enders for example, think it’s ok to scream and shout at people for no apparent reason.
  10. Bald Rick

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    [QUOTE="Devil's advocate, post: 5864372, member: 1504”

    I don't go on holiday, but I think I'm very lucky to have a varied interesting job, if[/QUOTE]

    What do you do?
  11. What do you do?[/QUOTE]

    Plays Devil's advocate
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  12. Loner

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    South Manchester
    Could not agree more. That is why I am glad I can choose interesting and educating things such as the farming in the past videos on the likes of you tube. I do not watch TV,my wife does because she is unable to miss an episode of Coronation street, Eastenders,and all the other soaps.

    If I had a choice I would not have a TV. My son who lives in Belgium has aTV but does not watch any of the similar stuff, he watches the same as me, he won't let his children watch anything that is rubbishy.

    As for rip off Britain, it chooses what it deems audience attraction cases, three older women on free jollys to these grot spots, and the complainers just sit there accepting their expert advice,and in the end gaining very little,no I do not watch it,my missus keeps me informed.
  13. Deutzdx3

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    I can testify to the last bit, this Christmas, my step daughter had thousands spent on her in South Africa by her grandmother(gogo as she is known) back in the uk now and back to school and she has been the most awful child. Worse than ever before. The problem with being given all you want is you then want more and that is never enough. An 8 year old just doesn’t have the mechanisms to cope with it. It puts pressure on relationships and family relations.
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  14. Ive said for years more wants more!
  15. Can't like that & very sorry.

    But you need to give her all the love you can, to help her be a happy rounded person in the future.
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  16. What do you do?[/QUOTE]

    I'm a mixed farmer.

    But its a bit complicated & I don't want to explain why but I can't be away from home for more than 12 hours. It can be hard at times, but I do enjoy it.

    Not illness or anything like I say complicated.
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  17. SLA

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    Unfortunately there are vast numbers of people who can not understand the difference between want and need.
  18. Greenbeast

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    East Sussex
    You're essentially espousing a Stoic teaching, and very right you are too.
    I say during every airport crisis, the solution to these holiday goer's anger and frustration is to not go in the first place.
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  19. JP1

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    Buddhism teaches about less is more in that the less you have , the less you have to worry and the happier you are

    I think I've reached this point in life. I'm happy with my lot and gain the greatest satisfactions from non financial things

    Good on you for how you treat your Nieces and Nephews.

    My Grandad had not much but I hold his memory the most dear for all the time he "invested " in me
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    I was reading the future national treasure thread and wondered if anyone would mention the Beckhams.
    But then I thought of Mrs B. Material wise she has everything, huge success as part of the biggest girl band ever, married one of the worlds best footballers, her own brands of designer fashion etc etc but yet she never looks happy. As a mate would say, she looks like a bulldog licking pish from a nettle!
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