Bettinson DD drill


Livestock Farmer
Gday mate, I'm currently running one over in Aus, and getting great results from it. Mine is the earlier of the triple disc machines. We use it for direct drilling cereals as well as small seeds such as Lucerne and clovers.
I have made a lot of mods and improvements to it and I'm currently giving it a preseason rebuild.
I have added some aftermarket disc openers to it that are a leading disc setup with a fully greaseable taper bearing setup and you can also bolt a depth wheel onto each unit which is a big plus. They are made by Tatu and if you Google Serafin Machinery you will see them on there.
If you are pretty handy you can repair or make most parts on the drill.
I will post some pics of mine when I get it all back together. A cheap min -till drill.
have you still got drill, I just got one and need smooth/soft rollers for it.


drilled some wheat into sprayed off grass(about 100 acres) so bloody hard , drill was filled and put 10 bags fert on top . could only get half inch penetration. told farmer he said that will be alright drill it . after I had finished he disced it twice then rolled with ballast roller. couple of months went by and happened to be passing by looked at that wheat. amazingly allin straight lines with all the tramlines showing .to this day im still scratching my head as to why that worked.
Probably had a ph combi come in and drill it again 😀

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