Big freeze coming

Discussion in 'Agricultural Matters' started by bobk, Jan 8, 2017.

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    North Wales
    Dad's uncle, sheep farming on the moors worked hard to save his sheep, they had wandered ahead of the drift onto frozen reservoir, he recovered them, largely one by one by throwing a long piece of string with a bundle of hay at it's end to entice them back onto solid ground.

    He would go around snow drifts around walls and fences with a pitchfork and gently prod into the drift to try to find his sheep, very often doing so, many buried by the drifts had, by then started to eat their own wool.
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    North East Wales
    I have heard my parents and others of that generation talk of the winter of 1947 and how severe it was. I do remember 1963, although I was still in primary school at the time. Started snowing Boxing day and thus began what many believe was the worst winter of the twentieth century with the even sea freezing in many coastal areas.

    At least nowadays there is masses of powerful machinery to clear roads that do get blocked and alkathene water pipes have drastically reduced the burst pipes that were such a nightmare if it thawed. Nobody however knows how to cope with hardship and inclement weather now; even all the Chelsea tractors have useless fat wide tyres with hard rubber treads, and are mostly driven by equally useless drivers who fail to realise that, in ice and snow, what they are driving is basically just a two tonne toboggan.
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    I certainly do not remember 1947 and I wasn't quite here yet in 1963 but from what my mother told me 1964 wasn't to be scoffed at. Living just outside Winchcombe, Gloucestershire, she spoke of having helicopter drops at the cottages of food and essentials mainly due to her being pregnant with me.
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    Think 47 was the first year Dad brought the cows down off the moorland farm 15 miles away.
    Set off from home on horseback with the dogs, they had a bad job getting them out the field onto the road, remember, these cows were semi wild hill cows, At midnight they were still 5 miles from home!.
    Within a few short years, the older cows knew the way
    Continued doing the annual migration till F&M stopped it
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    Just watched a forecast on the BBC. Looks like they might get some snow in the South East and, more importantly, in LONDON!!!.

    That's it then, the country's buggered.:rolleyes:
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    North East Wales
    Guaranteed headlines in the Daily Wail and other such tabloids "The Big Freeze sets In" . And "Arctic conditions set to paralyse UK as temperatures plummet to the lowest levels seen since March 2014! And weathermen say there's worse to come!"
    Newspapers always, always headline "And the weathermen say there's worse to come!"
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    March 2014 you say??!! Anyone here go back that far and can remember what it was like?
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    Tyrone NI
    Well it's a good job we were so well warned about the snow, I had an absolute nightmare trying to find my white van under the snow this morning, there must have easily been at least 1/8 of an inch. I'm glad we're dairy farmers, at least we won't run short on milk. I might attempt to use the tractor to go to the nearest village for essential supplies later, I may be some time...........!
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    Snowing here this morning, not much yet, just mildly irritating.
  10. Most I got was 2 mm of snow on my car one morning then lots of rain
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    Sir Gar / Carms
    Well, here in West Carms we didn't get below freezing, and nothing lower predicted for the next week either. BBC weather hype must be taken with a trailer load of salt...

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