Biomass water pipe

Discussion in 'Renewable Energy' started by D14, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. D14

    D14 Member

    Where's the best trade place to purchased biomass water pipe please?
  2. akaPABLO01

    akaPABLO01 Member

  3. Me if you want UPONOR :D

    Very happy to price of you PM me the length and size.
  4. f0ster

    f0ster Member

    it depends if it is for internal use or external use.
  5. D14

    D14 Member

    External mainly underground bar the short lengths into a building.
  6. Turra farmer

    Turra farmer Member

    £50 per m for 32 MM ?
  7. f0ster

    f0ster Member

    I recently priced up an 80m length and it was just over £40m,
  8. I've just priced up for 40mm thermo twin for quite a bit less than that.

    Different pipe has different heat loss remember. I got FEC to compare pipes last time and decided the opportunity cost of the cash in getting the best pipe wasn't worth it so settled for slightly worse performance for a massive £££ saving. There comes a stage in all these jobs were the best of everything isn't always the best idea.
  9. D14

    D14 Member

    Where did you get that from?
  10. Get what? My supplier or the advice?

    The supplier - I have bought huge volumes in the past so have favourable terms...

    Advice, farm energy centre went over all the costings with me, there was a hefty discrepancy between uponor and other products in price which confused me. I asked them to tell me how much it would cost in energy loss over 5 yrs to work if the extra £££ on purchase was worth it. I went with UPONOR (and have ever since) as a result of those findings. I am sure plenty will disagree but I trust FEC.
  11. akaPABLO01

    akaPABLO01 Member

    If the run is <20m there is no difference. Uponor is far more expensive imo for its usage.
  12. Well time will tell. Most of my runs were closer to 100 m than 20
  13. akaPABLO01

    akaPABLO01 Member

    So it doesn't matter either way then as you'll have heat exchangers?
  14. What relevance is that!?

    You of all people should know that no two set ups are the same. In some cases yes, in others no.
  15. akaPABLO01

    akaPABLO01 Member

    So I take that as you agree that using any ISO graded pre insulated pipe such as microflex pre insulated pipework single, duel and quad at half the cost of uponor doesn't make much difference in any distance. Good, at the end of the day project outlay savings are a priority.
  16. My view on pipe consideration in order of priority;

    1) price
    2) heat loss
    3) ease of use / cost of fittings
    4) resistance.

    The OP has not stated run length or what's going on each end of the pipe. Why have you brought PHX in to this?

    Project outlay savings is not the only consideration as per my posts. You need to look at all aspects to decide.

    What pipe would you recommend then for say 20m at 40mm twin and what £/m
  17. akaPABLO01

    akaPABLO01 Member

    1 price definitely
    2 heat loss - is this really an issue with pre insulated pipe with BN ISO status these days? Pretty negligible imo
    3 all the same and relative to brand
    4 resistance is futile

    Depends on application I guess, but not uponor.
  18. What pipe would you recommend then for say 20m at 40mm twin and what £/m
  19. akaPABLO01

    akaPABLO01 Member

    Jeez no need to get angry. Tell me more about the project. What are you heating?
  20. Do you actually read the post before replying or just come on here to bait people and pick arguments!? It's not my project!

    You have come on here stating other pipes are cheaper than UPONOR (and thus better) which suggest you have good knowledge of prices yet when asked what you think a better price is you haven't commented.

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