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Discussion in 'Machinery' started by deere150, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. bluegreen

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    Lots of black trailers round here in the fens and as soon as they've done a few hours labour they look sh!te!! Same as black tractors, soulless looking things and fricken dangerous at night when they've been hauling maize for a couple of months and the east European operator hasn't been arsed to wash the tailgate lights!! The worse offending local contractor who has crashed at least four of them that ive seen, all black Larringtons also used to have brown ones:confused:...…………..If I had the chequebook trailers would be either blue, red, green or yellow and forget the rest.
    nov2012 019.JPG
  2. deere150

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    Never priced a Broughan but the trailer in the pic was £19200 on Michelins, yeah they did you very similar from the floor down
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  3. deere150

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    I'm tempted to have a yellow one to match my tractor, have to admit I really like RW mustard yellow
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  4. Half Pipe

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    Is it on the vredestien tyres?
  5. Fraserb

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    Scottish Borders
    Im not sure I've never paid much attention. Thats the trailer if the tread pattern means anything to you.


    ORRA LOON Member

    :eek: Is that your farm workshop?
  7. Orionn4444

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    We have a black 16ft Broughan... Which was meant to be blue :banghead::banghead: it's a pain to keep clean and even worse to reverse in the dark into an even darker shed. Apart from that the Broughan is incredibly well built, 16ft on 18t running gear, easy to pull and stable on hills/on the road, reflectors on the Broughan are excellent. Price wise we didn't see much of a difference between any trailers we priced up
  8. mikep

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    From a vehicle perspective black is the colour that shows most dirt and is a pain to keep clean. Pale whites such as Ford Diamond white the easiest and ages a lot better. That's why most vans are white.
    Be bold ask for white.
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  9. Fergieman

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    I believe that is the local dealers workshop.
  10. ColinV6

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    That’s a really sweet looking trailer (y)
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  11. quattro

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    They look like Michelin cargo bibs
  12. deere150

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    There was a whiteish Larrington at lamma
  13. Clive

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    Black is a nightmare to keep clean

    I love black cars but always regret it
  14. james ds

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    Black is always dirty looking . I've a white tractor that never looks dirty. 20180915_095133.jpg
  15. Chae1

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    Look better with black wheel rims in my opinion.
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  16. james ds

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    I like the bright red colour . It is more visible than black and can be seen quicker.
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  18. Deutzdx3

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    If you’re going on safety, white is the safest colour on the road. Black shows marks dents etc really easily. Red absorbs most uv hence the fade if left out. Paint has more uv stabiliser in now so fades less. Green is the colour least seen due to blending in. Grey does look well. Go with a 50% opacity grey. Will be a semi gloss then. Looks stealthy.
  19. PSQ

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    Scottish Borders
    I agree entirely. We had a biker boasting to a mutual friend that he had gone past our road end at 176mph. With tits like him in mind I ordered our Broughan in red rather than standard green.
    Hats off to Broughan, lots of really nice design and engineering touches that really finish it off.
  20. ColinV6

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    Is the angled front for tipping in a low shed? Nice trailer!

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