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  1. slim shiny

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    Thetford, norfolk
    We have recently got some black larringtons, the rest are dark blue, Black show the dirt more and scrapes more, prefer the yellow myself ;) FDE59039-075D-444D-B647-80A04EB10AF2.jpeg 9D813205-E964-43E7-8C9E-D5B5626AECF7.jpeg
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  2. mx110

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    Many years ago I had a black xr3i was a nightmare to keep clean then went to a series 1 turbo you never realised how dirty it was until it got washed, never owned a black vehicle since,
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  3. Chae1

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    For visibility at night reflective tape is great stuff and not expensive.

    Broughan use a fair bit of it on there trailers.
  4. Fraserb

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    Scottish Borders
    Haha I wish, that was before it left Richard Western
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  5. Half Pipe

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    Very tidy trailer!
    They look like bkt or possibly Michelin's.
    Richard western had vredestien flotation pro as preferred tyre, they have more rounded shoulders, don't leave the square edged ruts if gets wet, but I feel they swing more.
    Have been tempted to try our tankers bkts with 50mm offset wheels on our 12 ton Richard western to see if it helps cut swing a bit.
    Richard westerns also mount springs on top of axle, where as others are under slung, on thick axles that makes quite a difference to height.
  6. PSQ

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    Scottish Borders
    Correct. The Broughan is completely bespoke to fit the shed with a 16’ body on a shortened 18’ spec chassis, and 5’ sides and angled front instead of standard 4’.
    It’s 34’ on the tractor, in a shed designed around a 135 and 4t Weeks trailer, with a 90 bend around a post put in the wrong place. Hence the steering axle and negligible tyre wear after approx 7000t. And £2k cheaper (2012 prices) than a standard 16’ Stewart iirc


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  7. Niall310

    Niall310 Member

    Is that 20ft trailer in the picture or what cube is it?
  8. vantage

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    As a non trailer owning farmer I cannot understand why all trailers don't have warning chevron stickers covering the trailer gate as well as beacons at low and high level.Trailer of choice around here seem to be mostly Smythe and in fairness the new ones I've seen do have flashing beacons but no chevrons.
  9. sputnik

    sputnik Member

    Went with Smyth to match the tractors. They seems to be built strong

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  10. 40 series

    40 series Member

    That's a real nice outfit there
  11. ColinV6

    ColinV6 Member

    Very very nice!! :cool:
  12. Wombat

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    East yorks
    Have you ever tried following a trailer with a beacon at low level in the dark?
  13. That's very nice (y)

    If you don't mind me asking, what were the touches on it that finished it off?
  14. vantage

    vantage Member

    Agreed not the best ,but far ,far preferable than crashing into the back of a non illuminated slow moving vehicle.
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  15. PSQ

    PSQ Member

    Scottish Borders
    Front removable ladder (nowt new) and welded *internal treads*!
    Commercial axles with air brakes and load sensing. Came with an auxiliary oil brake, never been used, but nice to have.
    LED lighting on rear and along the sides, lights up like Blackpool. Rear light housings tip with the body, shedding grain, unlike some others (Marshall).
    Round axle tubes, again shed 99% of grain.
    Rear bumper and supports mounted at 45*, ditto.
    Rear door mechanism protected top and bottom to prevent catching stancheons.
    Grease nipples point the right way!
    Pipe and cable runs on the chassis neatly and robustly mounted on dedicated box section, airlines and hydraulics wrapped where they might be exposed to rubbing on straw swaths.
    No projecting mudguards to rip off (Stewart).
    Tidy welding, lots of gussets, top notch ‘fit and finish’ etc etc.
    None of it earth shattering, but all together a really nice package, a pleasure to use.
    - it’s almost like the fabricators have worked on farms with trailers themselves...
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  16. What do you haul with that trailer James ?
  17. Grassnslurry

    Grassnslurry Member

    IMG_20181123_193330_007.jpg Black bale trailers here, plenty lights and reflective tape and no issues.
  18. Tim G

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    Wormingford, Essex
    They're black are they?
  19. Grassnslurry

    Grassnslurry Member

    If you look hard enough you'll see a touch of black underneath ha
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  20. Kildare

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    Kildare, Ireland
    Bright colours are best from a safety point of view especially when you are towing s few Screenshot_20190112-165900.jpg

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