Black trailer

Discussion in 'Machinery' started by deere150, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. d williams

    d williams Member

    Yes have another trailer with abs goes red on that also dealer was out this week say nothing wrong tractor I wasn’t about but going to have a look this pm before dropping trailer off

    ORRA LOON Member

    Did you see the white Larrington at Lamma?:eek:
  3. Chae1

    Chae1 Member

    Special edition for Essex?
  4. bluegreen

    bluegreen Member

    That CAT 875E follows the large part of their fleet everywhere they go as Fastracs have a habit of getting stuck!! In my neck of the woods those black Larringtons are partial to toppling of the A10 and down into someones garden just past the Dog Kennels. I have seen three go down there and have been misfortunate enough to be stuck in the traffic jams each ones crash caused as a consequence. Heaven knows how many other "incidents" that gang has been involved in since they first started maize in 2012. The Fastrac driven into Ely bridge at 30 mph with a black RL also springs to mind.

    Seriously why have depressing, hard to clean black trailers (And foragers!) Best of plus Oct 2013 218.JPG when you could have a nice uplifting blue one instead(y)
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  5. topless_matt

    topless_matt Member

    Ollies kit is always in good nick to be fair
  6. Martyn

    Martyn Member

    South west
    Lucky no one hurt, I'm pleased we live miles away from AD gangs, is there really that much money in the job they can trash kit like that!
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  7. Does the boss not tell them to slow down !
  8. General-Lee

    General-Lee Member

    Doubt it probably complete opposite.
  9. Blimey
  10. Mrs Brown

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    Orkney Islands
    We had a new Stewart home just before Christmas with a new to Stewart trailers paint system, flexy paint has a duller finish but isnt supposed to chip or spall if it gets a dunt. Time will tell. Plenty reflective tape on sides and rear to..

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  11. Chae1

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    That was my immediate thought too. The shouting from forklift driver sent a chill up my spine.
  12. DaveJ

    DaveJ Member

    Smart trailer that. Must admit I haven't even priced a Stewart because I assumed they would be considerably dearer. Does the Hardox body add much to the price?
  13. Mad For Muck

    Mad For Muck Member

    On our roadkings it was a 1500 quid option I think from memory. Worth every penny
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  14. deere150

    deere150 Member

    Certainly something different, looked smart wouldn't rule white out
  15. Joe S

    Joe S Member

    very smart, did that sit in the mart car park for a while?
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  16. Speedstar

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    Scottish Borders
    nice trailer but why buy it on 8 stud axles ?
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  17. Is that the one where the handler gets pulled over onto it's roof??
  18. Lofty1984

    Lofty1984 Member

    It’s the one posted above
  19. Just saw that, the video is all over the place on whatsapp.
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  20. ColinV6

    ColinV6 Member

    I can’t find any pics did nobody take photos?!

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