Really enjoying the blog... Both informative and entertaining.

What's your opinion of the plantain/clover mix? Does it have potential in the UK? I think Limagrain are marketing something similar here.
The plantain is to keep the growth going during winter. I saw this in the much warmer north island, and so their winters are much warmer than ours. It may be that we are too cold to get the benefit, although it could be useful to extend the growth seasons. Mike Porter (day nine?) was trialling white clover, red clover, plantain, chicory. His climate is more similar to ours, but still a bit warmer.

Obviously it's not a long term ley with the red clover, but why don't you give it a go and let us know?


BASE UK Member
My experience of plantain was that it provided deep rooting and and drought proofing to the ley with a high mineral content. It was the first to regrow after grazing or cutting and grew in very dry conditions. Dont remember it growing much in the winter.

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