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Discussion in 'Fitness and Weight Loss' started by JCMaloney, Dec 4, 2018.

  1. JCMaloney

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    LE3 9EU
    Doing some tidying up at home and found the old Blood Donor card & 50th Gold donor badge which has given me the required kick up the blunt end to get back "in the chair".

    On the bright side I`ll lose 1lb in weight every 3 months. :):)

    The regular donor can save 3 lives per donation and we always run short at Christmas.

    I`m a B+ as well. :D
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  2. Longneck

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    Well done, 50+ is good going. Im only on half that!!

    I find the new booking system a PITA as they don’t let me book next appointment at the donation, you have to go home and do it on line...
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  3. JCMaloney

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    LE3 9EU
    I`ve just signed up for that..... I guessed it would be similar! Hopefully I can pre-book a few but haven`t investigated that yet.

    My Dad got me into it as soon as I was old enough, the wagon used to turn up at the factory (British Leyland) and they just queued up. Likewise the last time I went it was just a queue up and wait job.
    Now its pre-book only. :(
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  4. Handy Andy

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    I'd quite like to donate but when I mentioned it to my physio the other day (dodgy back) he said I won't be able to because I've got tattoo's.
  5. Steevo

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    Would never have guessed that if you hadn't mentioned it.
  6. Stewartry hill

    Doesn't stop you just in last six months
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  7. JCMaloney

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    LE3 9EU
    Well that has certainly changed since my last visit. You get a pint of squash before you start, bit of paperwork & there is now an App for your phone as well to book appointments or you can do it online. Big form to complete about travel, health & sexual habits! :eek:
    Then you get put in the donating "chair" its like a kind of recliner that sits in a frame, they get you plugged in then lay you back into the "donating position". 10 minutes max, job done. I`ve got "difficult" veins it seems, in the old days it was more like keep stabbing till you get one, now they are only allowed "one shot".
    Then you get more squash, tea/coffee, crisps, biscuits and mince pies. :):)

    Good to be back in the system. (y)
  8. Princess Pooper

    East Mids
    I reached 54 donations before I was no longer allowed to donate due to an autoimmune disease (and probably now the meds I'm on). Mum was RH- and Dad RH+ so I'm lucky to even be here as after child no 1 in the 1950s/1960's her body had set up the antibodies to reject any further babies. So like the rest of my siblings I was an early Caesar, blue and jaundiced! Mum was AB- so the rarest group and a regular donor between babies. I did persuade Prince Pooper to start donating - he's O - so they want lots, and he has clocked up about 30. As mentioned above, when they changed from booking apt in person after the donation to going on line, he never seems to get round to it. I keep nagging, and hopefully he'll get back in the system again.

    Shortly after stopping donating, I became anaemic due to my medical condition so I would have had to stop anyway, although iron tablets every day seem to be keeping that under control.

    If you can, please donate. How would you like it if the operation of a loved one was cancelled due to a shortage of blood?.
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