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I reached 54 donations before I was no longer allowed to donate due to an autoimmune disease (and probably now the meds I'm on). Mum was RH- and Dad RH+ so I'm lucky to even be here as after child no 1 in the 1950s/1960's her body had set up the antibodies to reject any further babies. So like the rest of my siblings I was an early Caesar, blue and jaundiced! Mum was AB- so the rarest group and a regular donor between babies. I did persuade Prince Pooper to start donating - he's O - so they want lots, and he has clocked up about 30. As mentioned above, when they changed from booking apt in person after the donation to going on line, he never seems to get round to it. I keep nagging, and hopefully he'll get back in the system again.

Shortly after stopping donating, I became anaemic due to my medical condition so I would have had to stop anyway, although iron tablets every day seem to be keeping that under control.

If you can, please donate. How would you like it if the operation of a loved one was cancelled due to a shortage of blood?.
Glad to say that Prince Pooper is back on donating, my nagging eventually paid off and they are now giving 'Special Treatment' to O- donors and chasing him for every drop! He books his appointment by phone.
East Mids
Hey ho its a new #PB............ 5 minutes 48 secs.................... 😀😀

No selfies ......... and somebody keeled....... shes fine though.... first time students!
Prince Pooper was disappointed as he was over 6 minutes, he is usually under 5. I told him it was the cold weather and he said he was told that at the session too.


How the hell do find out where it goes?

NHS Scotland doesn't do this and also I learned that the blood isn't put into a central bank.
If NHS England was short and NHS Scotland had extra then it is bought and sold. Which I find quite surprising and a tad disappointing
The England & Wales Blood service is owned by a Chinese investment firm. It has become very "customer focused" and all about the "experience" for the donor. The safety checks on blood had to be changed after the contaminated bloods scandal, now there is a questionnaire every time and physical tests every time gets a bit repetitive but necessary.
The trace ability is easy enough for the whole blood product. Everything is bar coded, when they take the package out at the hospital end there is a scanning device (bit like a self service till) that scans the donation out before it goes to the patient receiving it. Currently that link is confidential but auditable if needs be.
The leftover plasma is sold to commercial research companies for testing/development etc.... they used to just throw it away so it is an improvement in a way.

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