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Thanks Wuddy, just to clear this up for me, There are two types of coulters: One with hook and one without and there is a weld on hook mod made by bourgault?
There are two types of vos tip: One with a lip for the hook and extra tungsten tiles and a plain one?
Do you have a link to the ones you have or a part number as I cant seem to find these "new" type. Or a contact to supplier for these please?
I plan to change my gens after winter crops sown and am trying to decide b vos or dutch.
Thanks a mill.
No they come standard with the lip and tungsten now! We deal with a company called Wallace of Kelso for the Dutch openers I believe brocks also supply them!


Thanks a million. I must have been looking at wrong websites🤷‍♀️
Just never saw bourgault with hook and tiles like yours. Wallace supply bourgault too?


We did get some new holders this year this is what they look like new rather than our modified ones.
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Thanks a million for the photos and info. They are totally different to what I have seen. Looks like there are new modified type and old type in circulation! I hadnt seen any of those before but they seem to have been modified to stop the point falling off - one problem @Gbrook has. And now I know what I am looking for !
250mm on 8 meter. Anyone tried Horsch Solo bean coulters on cereals? They look a sensible design if the seed depth is consistent, or does it drop to the bottom of the slot?. I think the Metcalfe are too narrow, should be 15 or 16mm IMO.
Thinking to add a seed placement flap under the seed orifice on a Solo body, similar to the seed closure flap above the seed orifice. I guess this last is to stop seed jumping out of the slot. The lower one hopefully should keep the seed in a defined depth. I do like the Horsh points as they create a deep slot and shattering for rooting.


There are two ways to look at the problem with BG/ ryegrsass. Less gaps between the rows gives more competion, but inevitably means more soil is disturbed possibly encouraging BG germination in an otherwise stale seedbed. Its an open question which is better IMO. I am direct drilling into stale seedbeds with half drill as single point and half dual point to try to see which one is better for BG/ ryegrass control. Singles on the wings so it pulls evenly.
Modified Solo body ( cut and shut 40mm higher) to bring seed outlet in line with Duet plus a redesigned Solo body, both with seed depth limiting tang added to give more time for slot to close below seed. Intended mainly for cereals, for beans probably just drill deeper. Due for testing in field shortly.

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Update on my modified solo body with added flat. Basically did not work in fairly moist conditions. The seed still dropped to the bottom of the slot. The hope was that the slot would close up before the seed was released, but this did not happen. Maybe it would work in drier conditions, or the seed should be released much further back.

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AHDB has issued a yellow rust watch list to help flag winter wheat varieties most likely to perform out of line with the disease ratings published in the Recommended Lists. Charlotte Cunningham reports. The watch list, which orders varieties based on yellow rust levels from the three worst RL trials (for each variety), can help identify those most likely to benefit from closer monitoring, says the levy board. It follows the development of a new rating calculation approach that better reflects the diverse and dynamic nature of the UK’s rust populations, announced at the launch of the online edition of the RL 2021/22 in Dec. Discussions on the latest twists and turns...