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Bowel cancer screening test-anyone had it done?

Discussion in 'Manflu Corner' started by Red Fred, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. Red Fred

    Red Fred Member

    I just received a message from the NHS inviting me to go to the hospital for bowel cancer screening. They seem to have me on their list as I only just went for the heart check as I have reached 55.
    Has anyone had it done? It looks as if they stick a probe thingy up your how's-yer-father and poke about at any polyps they bump into. The paperwork says it is painless, and having been sent to boarding school, it won't come as a surprise, but I wondered how uncomfortable it is? :)
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  2. Still Farming

    Still Farming Member

    Glamorgan Wales
    Most probably as uncomfortable as something shoved up you ring maybe?
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  3. Goatherderess

    Goatherderess Member

    North Dorset
    The feelings a bit weird but it doesn't hurt!

    Worth doing
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  4. Princess Pooper

    East Mids
    OH had it done a few months ago and he was fine although he certainly didn't like the idea of it! They did find a couple of pplps which were removed and proved to be benign. For goodness sake don't dodge the opportunity to check if you have something far worse!
  5. Still Farming

    Still Farming Member

    Glamorgan Wales
    The one where it goes up the Penis to the kidneys is an experience too !
  6. Red Fred

    Red Fred Member

    Ooohhh! For some reason, Mrs Fred and her stable assistant (or more stable assistant?:whistle:) think it is a really good idea if I have something poked up the old back entrance, and can't wait to hear what happens, so I'm going to have to go through with it. Still feels a bit like King Edward and the red hot poker, though.
  7. Having had a couple of scares in the past, Ive been 'lucky' enough to have undergone this procedure a few times. I would describe it as mildly uncomfortable and I approach it in the same way as going to the dentist - I just tell myself its worth going through for sake of my health and will last only a few minutes and will soon be over. Like all potential medical problems, the sooner you find said problem the better your chances of a successful outcome so dont pass up the opportunity.
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  8. Still Farming

    Still Farming Member

    Glamorgan Wales
    That sounds like another thread subject to start ?
  9. Campbell

    Campbell Member


    Remember the Bishop of Bath and Wells.................:nailbiting:.
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  10. Gordy1

    Gordy1 Member

    I expect you have had it done now but in case you haven't & for those of you that may be having it some day, I had it done ( Colonoscopy) this time last year, there are good & bad things about it, 1, the procedure is nothing to worry about, they take you in & pop you onto the ops table give you a sedative into the back of your hand doesn't knock you out just relaxes you, you don't feel anything I was waiting for them to start but they were half way done, there is a screen so you can see what's going on inside you if you like, had a quick glimpse but looked away quickly!!! What seemed like a few minutes & the nurse ( who sits next to you & keeps you chatting) said its done, wheeled me back to the observation room & after about 30 minutes rest they bought me in tea & toast, ( private hospital) but I expect the NHS do the same, then after checking my B.P was allowed home, 2, the horrible bit, you have to take a litre of nasty stuff the evening before it a powerful laxative it said take over a 2 hour period i thought I can do that in 10 minutes but took about 6 hours!!!! it was horrible, after about an hour I thought this isn't very powerful, then it started to kick in, all I can say is make sure no one is in the bog when it does!!!, then you have to take it the next morning again by then it had done its job so never took all of it!!! But be assured it's the only nasty thing about the procedure, oh & I was ok came back clear,
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  11. Red Fred

    Red Fred Member

    I'm still waiting to hear back, they said it might be 6-8 wks.
  12. JeepJeep

    JeepJeep Member

    I'd urge anyone called for it to have it done.

    Lost My old man to Bowel Cancer... He/We had no idea... Was just sleepy all the time and crazy itchy legs but this was put down to other issues and medications.

    He Dropped on the Floor on a Monday morning and bang on a month we'd lost him..
  13. Just to reassure anyone that might be put off by your experience with the laxative. My experience has been to self administer a laxative about 2 hours before I left for the appointment. The process lasted about 20 minutes and was not uncomfortable.
  14. Gordy1

    Gordy1 Member

    I must hasten to add that you can add flavour to the liquid i.e. Orange squash or lemon etc. But I didn't realise this until I'd nearly finished it!!
    So it can be made to be more pleasant.

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