How do we get the General Population to Boycott everything made in the EU. We must leave everything on the shelf. We have the whole world to choose from except EU countries. That should include Vehicles chlothes Food Drink the lot.
The easiest method is to lobby your local MP. Now the UK has sovereignty if the government sees that it is the will of the people they can put a boycott into place immediately. Should be interesting on top of post Brexit problems to the economy.


Mixed Farmer
Nothing, I didn’t mention car parts, the post I quoted didn’t mention car parts, how did you conclude that my post had anything to do with car parts?

The op is about buying gear from the eu 🙄
Car parts was an example ...
Hence “for example”

actually,my mistake there, the op is about NOT buying gear from the EU - any gear
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Is there much farm machinery or plant that is 100% non EU though?
I imagine John Deere, JCB, Land Rover, and the like may pass the op's scrutiny but choice must be extremely limited I would think..


Are we making up stories again. But over 27 countries that would only be an average half a million doses each awaiting use. And don't forget the EU is doing the second dose by the company recommendations not Bozza's.
It was put to a french MEP this morning and she didn't deny it.

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