1. Adeptandy

    Adeptandy Member

    Just couldn’t resist having a look today, has anyone else been tempted ?
    I’m at the ....claim validation...stage
  2. Daddy Pig

    Daddy Pig Member

    same here
  3. Hesston4860s

    Hesston4860s Member

    Nr Lincoln
    Still not got my 2015 issues sorted out !.
  4. Hindsight

    Hindsight Member

    Patience (its a virtue!) I know your sort - poke around the wrapping paper under the tree.
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  5. Hindsight

    Hindsight Member

    Oh meant to add to previous post there was an email from RPA a couple of weeks ago which said any claimant found to be checking progress of claim prior to December 1st would be put to the back of the queue - presume you saw that email?
  6. Adeptandy

    Adeptandy Member

    No, still off the road due to the head impact and subsequent hospital stay, and as it was raining I got curious whilst working on paperwork ;)
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  7. Hindsight

    Hindsight Member

    Curiosity killed the cat!! Have misquoted that phrase taken a bit out of context as it refers to looking at other folks business rather than your won. Did not appreciate you are poorly. Get well soon
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  8. Adeptandy

    Adeptandy Member

    Thanks, its not easy to be on a go slow, first 9 months of the years been 7days a week and 12-14 hours a day, first day off of the year in A&E then an overnight on ward wasn't in the plan with a lot of drilling to do :rolleyes:
  9. Claim validation
  10. Fergieman

    Fergieman Member

    I would think everyone will be on 'Claim Validation' unless your in Scotland and had a 90% 'loan'
  11. alex04w

    alex04w Member

    Co Antrim
    In Northern Ireland they are paying a 70% advance starting from yesterday. Money to hit the bank accounts from Friday.

    Of course I get a phone call yesterday to say I have been selected for a visual check and they hope to come today to walk the land. :mad::mad::mad:

    So no money for me for some time while they flap about writing up a report of what they do or don't find.

    Applications had to be in for 15th May. So why did they wait 5 months to get out on the ground for checks????:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
  12. colhonk

    colhonk Member

    I sent 3 rle 1 forms in,so ,probably not get paid for years. so not worth looking. How come they can get away with getting things massively wrong and get away with it?
  13. Ant Rim

    Ant Rim New Member

    I got paid today
    Well done DAERA
  14. ffukedfarmer

    ffukedfarmer Member

    West Kent
    I've just had notice of a cross compliance inspection so that has f00ked my chances of getting paid in December. I had hoped after having 2 years of not being paid until the spring that I might get lucky this year.
  15. farmerm

    farmerm Member

    Who do you blow know at DEFRA finance office. :woot:
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  16. curlietailz

    curlietailz Member

    Some hairy Herbert turned up at my farm a couple of months ago wanting to look at a particular location.

    Just expected to drive up the land and wander about looking for the spot ..... At first I said NO..... But then relented and escorted him to see what he was up to !!

    Seems the little bit of volunteer wheat that had grown on the headrig of the set aside/fallow/EFA was not identifiable from the satellite.

    I've made sure I videoed the spraying off, topping and ploughing in of the said area of wheat and am ready to launch a counter attack if/when RPA decide its not fallow/EFA/set aside.
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  17. Wooly

    Wooly Member

    Romney Marsh
    The rest of 2017 would be a bonus.

    The whole of 2017 C.S.S would be a bigger bonus. Doubt I will see that for a while as the information that the RPA wanted and was sent to them by recorded mail.........and signed for by the RPA.......... has apparently not got to the RPA ! :banghead:
  18. Cowcorn

    Cowcorn Member

    East meath/dublin
    For all those who are waiting to be paid you have my sympathy , Those of you who are still waiting for money from previous years ye must have the patience of saints .My money turned up in my bank account on the 16 oct same as other years ,any issues are dealt with during the summer and rarely delay payment. Thank God farmers still have clout in Ireland and the IFA are still able to nip the goverments heels.
    If after 25 years of direct payments the english system still cant manage an efficent and timely payment , how do you expect them to improve when the are not bound by EU rules ? Making Britain great again after Brexit wont amount to much if this is the calibre of the people charged with delivering.
  19. Kryten

    Kryten Member

    South Derbyshire
    Ooo Ooo - Final checking today!
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  20. 4course

    4course Member

    north yorks
    panic arose the other day ,went to look at claim history etc and couldnt get on to our page , blocked not existing, didnt recognise password and id No which was saved, and no claim entered!!!!!, after much stress and searching through years of paperwork to try and find original letter and what id entered rang and all was sorted, new id and password. Apparently if you dont use it occassionally you lose it ( access), End result turned out fine, the couple of new fields for next year have been transferred correctly by agent. The helpful guy on the phone told me weve gone into final checking, which according to him its just a case of someone clicking the switch on the 1st, heres hoping he is correct

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