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Have you received your 2018 BPS payment?

  1. Yes I have received at least 75%

  2. No, I have received 75% or less

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  1. ffukedfarmer

    ffukedfarmer Member

    West Kent
    Simple poll - have you received your 2018 BPS payment?

    Some will have only received a portion so please answer yes if you have received approximately 75% of more.
  2. nonemouse

    nonemouse Member

    North yorks
    Got bps but missing 2 or 3 payments of hls/els
  3. Fergieman

    Fergieman Member

    Ditto here.
  4. Landrover

    Landrover Member

    Got bps but missing stewardship payments from every year since 2016, got 25%for some years and nothing for others, it's getting sorted apparently after several conversations with rpa. It adds up to quite alot of money !
  5. fieldfarmer

    fieldfarmer Member

    How about a vote for zero payment yet.
  6. JJT

    JJT Member

    Changed my vote, got bps this week. :) still trying to sort issues from 2015 though. :(
  7. Stevethemeat

    Stevethemeat Member

    Got bps and a 3 year penalty I knew nothing about zero in the bank and complaints form filled in and sent back another long wait
  8. Old Tip

    Old Tip Member

    And the same here
  9. ffukedfarmer

    ffukedfarmer Member

    West Kent
    Changed to preparing for payment on Friday but nothing in the bank yet
  10. Same here
  11. livestock 1

    livestock 1 Member

    I’m preparing for payment too haha nothing yet
  12. Received in full yesterday
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  13. livestock 1

    livestock 1 Member

    Haha there’s hope for me yet then!
  14. ffukedfarmer

    ffukedfarmer Member

    West Kent
    Same here. The RPA are getting better at this, maybe next year I might make December!
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  15. livestock 1

    livestock 1 Member

    Has anyone had any bps money paid lately or have they given up for the time being?
  16. I spoke to the NFU man yesterday that deals with the RPA, fancy having to do that for a living!, and he said the RPA had paid out 2k claims in Jan and had 3400 left which is well ahead of last year.
    I suppose someone has to be last , this year it looks like my turn.
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  17. livestock 1

    livestock 1 Member

    Oh well at least they are still at it then. I was wondering if they had just stopped! I’m in the same boat
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  18. Andrew K

    Andrew K Member

    And me.
  19. livestock 1

    livestock 1 Member

    I’m on claim validation whatever that means
  20. Same here, I can see that from time to time someone has been logging onto our claim as the date keeps changing, I can only assume that means someone is checking our claim.
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