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Breedplan software

Discussion in 'Livestock & Forage' started by Thelastshepherd, May 17, 2018.

  1. Thelastshepherd

    Thelastshepherd New Member

    Just quick question does anybody have experience with a farm software program that is compatible with breedplan?

    I'm using farmworks by shearwell at the moment and think it's great but it's not compatible with breedplan.

  2. Tim W

    Tim W Member

    Call Shearwell and ask them to fix it ----worked for me when i wanted their program to other things ---they are very approachable
  3. Thelastshepherd

    Thelastshepherd New Member

    Yeah they are great like that, unfortunately it's on thier "wishlist" but they don't know when it will be done.

    They are working on lambplan compatibility at the moment.
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  4. Clive

    Clive Staff Member

  5. Thelastshepherd

    Thelastshepherd New Member

    Are they any good?
  6. Clive

    Clive Staff Member

    i'm not a livestock farmer so no idea from a user / functionality point of view but their software looks good I know others that seem to like it and they are nice people to deal with (they are a TFF site sponsor)

    certainly worth a chat I would suggest
  7. Herdwatch

    Herdwatch Member

    @Thelastshepherd Is this the Breed plan you mean? http://breedplan.une.edu.au/

    If it is we are not currently linked up with them but I would be really interested to know the type of information you want to send to them or receive from them?

    Do you have a point of contact for them if we want to link up with them?

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