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Boris gets your vote then?

I've no idea who will do UK farming any favours at all. I don't think Boris will - he has already said we will import it because it is cheaper that way. Rees-Mogg too.


funny how people keep trying to make fun of him, are they worried he might sort a few things out, when they resort to insults you know theyve lost the argument
Just mind this thread is a bit of light relief from the heated polarised insults and stuff social media has made of modern politics.....

.....But the thought of BoJo as PM is the best arguement for Scottish independence I can think of :bag:

Agriculture will be one of the many industries he throws under the misleading slogan plastered bus in his pursuit of making the rich much much richer.

BoJo is just as dangerous to the working classes as the Twitter diarrhoea ridden orange ego maniac across the water. He and his mates are making a fortune while he convinces illiterate rednecks that they'll eventually prosper from his snake oil too.

Anyhoo, remember that before the referendum, BoJo featured prominently in this type of cartoon :rolleyes:



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err yes
remoners have been in charge since we joined the stupid club and they will still be in charge if dorris gets in
and look what a fecking good job they have made of it for all those years ignoring what people want and thinking they know better till it bit them in the arse well feck them feck the bloody lot of them bunch of tossers

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VÃderstad presents the new Marathon 15/25 point for heavy clay duty

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The 15/25 is a further specialization addition to the Marathon 25/35 introduced in 2018.

Dont be fooled by the smaller size, this is an extremely tough point. It has a narrow bottom of just 15 millimeters with a pointy shape, which means that it can maintain the working depth even in tough soil conditions with heavy clay. It has an even higher soil penetration ability than the Marathon 25/35, says...