Brisket boards

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  1. Case man

    Case man Member

    Any other option than the dear ones you can buy ie pipes/straps wire ropes ?
  2. 6x2 wooden boards.
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  3. farmerste

    farmerste Member

    thats what i used, no need for them to be tanilised or anything as they are inside so just get some from local timber merchant
  4. st piran

    st piran Member

    Half round timber rails. Nice and rounded on the top edge. Thunderbolt them down.
  5. rusty

    rusty Member

    Buxton Derbyshire
    100mm polythene pipe. Much more forgiving than wooden boards.
  6. jimmer

    jimmer Member

    East Devon
  7. Err0l

    Err0l Member

    That's the exact set up we have at work but they don't last 2 minutes
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  8. Turboman

    Turboman Member

    Pipe much easier on the cow than a plank of wood. Ive got several types but haven't seen a cow do this on a timber brisket.

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  9. Fraserb

    Fraserb Member

    Scottish Borders
    We've got wilsons pillows in some sheds, de boers pipe work in one, iae pipe work in some and wooden 8 x 2 in another and in all honesty I can't see much difference in the cows lying.
  10. Ducati899

    Ducati899 Member

    north dorset
    We had 8x2 wood for 16 years and never replaced one board,put Wilson pillows in when putting the mattress in but the boards are still behind these as they support the cubicles
  11. Mine are the same as Jims wooden ones in the IAE super comforts
    20170107_124834.jpg 20170107_124858.jpg

    They work well so we replicated them on the old mushroom cubicles that didn't have anything before.
    20170107_124558.jpg 20170107_124724.jpg
    Not sure if you can see but the brackets to hold them are made of short sections of old RSJ where we cut the top of the web off then welded it back on the side at an angle then bolted them on with coach bolts.
  12. Thomas-milmain

    Sw Scotland
    I don't have any brisket boards in any of my sheds what's the point in them? My cows are spotless and lying correct?
  13. Turboman

    Turboman Member

    What length is your cubicle? The purpose of the brisket board is to position the cow tge right length in the cubicle. It should be designed in such a way that it does not hurt the cow and the cow should be able to freely step over it when lunging forward as she gets up.
  14. jimmer

    jimmer Member

    East Devon
    thats interesting thomas
    can you measure the diagonal distance from neck rail to kerb
    we ahve to finish our new cubicles this week and not got brisket board sorted yet
    cheers jim
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  15. I used to get cows going too far forward and getting stuck against walls or going right through head to head cubicles.
  16. Thomas-milmain

    Sw Scotland
    Like this today
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  17. Davy

    Davy Member

    North NI
    We have some like what jimmer has, some with the Wilson pasture pillow and some with nothing at all. We intentionally didn't fit any to the most recent cubicles, and don't think we will be. Can't think of the last time we had a cow stuck. Having them wide enough and the neck rail set right is more important I think
  18. Just like that but maybe upsidedown and behind the post.
  19. zsnotdead

    zsnotdead Member

    What is the recommended measurement. What's the ideal height of neck rail. Wilson promote a high neck rail
  20. Case man

    Case man Member

    do straps not work

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