British Bazadaise Cattle Society Annual Sale at Melton Mowbray 4th April

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    At the moment we have entries of 8 in-calf heifers, 3 maiden heifers, 3 yearling heifers, 2 cows with heifer calves at foot, 1 in-calf cow and 2 young bulls. There may be more as entries have not closed yet. All are registered, pedigree animals.

    There will be a big turnout of Bazadaise members and Council members so if you want to come along and get to know more about Bazadaise or about the animals for sale, there will be plenty folk around to help you.

    We will be having the AGM after the sale and everyone is invited to come along. It's an open meeting so you don't have to be a member - just interested in Bazadaise! There might be cakes as well.

    We look forward to seeing faces old and new at the Sale on the 4th April. It starts at 12 noon.
    Here's some pics of some of the sale animals, there are more on the website and the catalogue will be on in due course.
    IMG_3718_TFF.jpg IMG_3739_TFF.jpg sanham_bulls1_2017_TFF.jpg sanham_cow_calf1_2017_TFF.JPG

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