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Bromoxynil on thistles

Discussion in 'Cropping' started by Flat 10, May 16, 2017.

  1. B'o'B

    B'o'B Member

    Pixxaro? I used it in my T1 and I'm sure there was a cow parsley in one field that I didn't notice doing the T2 yesterday, good up to boot splitting. I did put Biplay with it but I've used that before with little effect on cow parsley
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  2. shakerator

    shakerator Member

    Good shout I'll give it a go on this 1 field . Not keen on ally
  3. Flat 10

    Flat 10 Member

    Fen Edge
    I think starane might well twist it up too.
  4. Flat 10

    Flat 10 Member

    Fen Edge
    IMG_0662.JPG IMG_0662.JPG IMG_0663.JPG
    The first 2 are the same picture sorry but maya is clearly having an effect on the thistles that were previously treated with chlorpyralid.

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