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Discussion in 'Computers & IT' started by JeepJeep, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. JeepJeep

    JeepJeep Member

    Recently moved onto a Brother 810w for printing Address labels.

    Followed the install to the letter. It appears to have found the BT hub but I'll be buggered if it'll print via Wi-Fi. USB lead and it'll happily print away.

    Anyone else use one and had trouble? I'm obviously missing something.
  2. Great In Grass

    Have you inputted the router password into the printer?
  3. JeepJeep

    JeepJeep Member

    Kerching!!... No I haven't as it never asked during the set up I I recall..

    Not fully to grips with it yet , I'll have a look in the settings to enter the code.
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  4. Chris F

    Chris F Staff Member

    All the windows 10 computers in our office recently stopped printing via wifi. We had to reset all the drivers and still some computers won't print wifi.
  5. JeepJeep

    JeepJeep Member

    Had a play about in the Brother settings , Found the Wifi key part. Entered but still no wireless..

    Epson thrown a wobbler a couple of times last few weeks aswell with the Wifi... But all seems fine with it now.
  6. Great In Grass

    Re-boot comp and router perhaps?
  7. JeepJeep

    JeepJeep Member

    Tried , Reinstalled rebooted... Fine on the lead no go via wifi. I'll go back to it in a bit.
  8. Chris F

    Chris F Staff Member

    That's about where I am with the Lexmark and the HO in the office. Got a long cable out of a box.
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  9. JeepJeep

    JeepJeep Member

    I've noticed the Brother shows up as an available connection.. It's up there with the BT hub etc..

    I'm guessing it shouldn't be?. The Epson doesn't.
  10. On a slightly different note - I set up a Brother wireless printer for a friend's (two PCs) office.
    It was tediously slow especially if the file size was large, sometimes taking ten minutes.

    Went on Ebay and bought a 5m USB cable and it works a treat now! :rolleyes:
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