Bse anyone??


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East Sussex
Brazilian beef imports should be immediately banned for the next 20 years.

They need to adhere to over 30 months rules and have a national individual cattle tracing service from birth.

Maybe then we would consider imports…..after 20 years.

Could be a new variant we need to keep out of the UK.
Definitely this. If our nearest neighbours and supposed mates did that to us then it would seem small fry to do it to a America.

Lemken moves into slurry incorporation market

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Written by Justin Roberts from Agriland

Slurry application has moved forward tremendously over the past few years with the emphasis very much switching to using it as a resource rather than disposing of it as a waste product.

Even dyed in wool, tillage specialists such as Lemken are joining the movement with the company now offering what amounts to a conversion of their compact disc units to a slurry incorporation tool.

Lemken opt for Vogelsang heads​

This new product comprises a VogelSang slurry distribution head mounted on the frame of a set of Heliodor compact disc harrows.

Lemken claims that the Heliodor offers a sound basis for this type of application due to its...