Bug and Bee Hotels

Wolds Beef

Mods move if not in the right place!! How far will beetles, bees and insects migrate if I build bug hotels out of old broken pallets, old logs ect and place in places in among my arable areas?
All I can say is thet a group of "ecologists" rocked up here 18 months ago, and proceeded to build little mounds of old logs and firewood in and around the solar farm here. Initially, I thought someone had been dumping rubbish.

Two in the solar farm were demolished by something, but not a clue what... Badger maybe.

Two outside were "removed" as being in teh wrong place. As in zero thought about maintenance access for machinery in the future.

I was told they were a sop to Planners and not expected to do much, certainly not here, a broad, mixed arable farm with lots of stewardship. I never really saw anything in them, not in the bee hotes hanging all over the place.

Good Luck with your project though, @Wolds Beef


Arable Farmer
S. Staffs
Anything like decaying brash and suchlike can only harbour an increasing amount of bug life and provide bird food. Bees - our guy who has hives here tells me will easily work up to a mile away apparently. Don't know much about beetles though.


I’d avoid pallets because as soon as they rot, you’ve got missing nails and puncture issues. Stick to fallen wood, brash and bare soil if there’s a sunny bank for ground nesting bees. Honey bees about 1 1/2 to 2 miles if they need to but most don’t, solitary, bumble and hover flies are more important. Beetles go about 50m into a crop and maybe 90, but that depends how big they are. There’s a research project on arable beetles, search for Kelly Jowett I think. Connectivity wise, if you can’t create a continuous habitat, try to make stepping stones of safe havens. Water & puddles are valuable habitats too.


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