burning poultry manure

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    So really it depends on what boiler you have. I had thought of using them in an ordinary pellet boiler mixed up with wood pellets to help it burn.
    I also have access to huge amounts of stable manure from a stud farm while is a bit more inert. I was hoping to mix it up with the chicken litter to make a better burning pellet. It's a bit experimental but very interesting work. It's just the access to the poultry stuff is very tempting because it's delivered foc. I also could press it into a larger briquette for a wood burning stove 80mm in diameter. This would replace actual wooden logs with are getting quite expensive
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    You may find another problem with burning poultry waste. Very often this type of waste will burn the bottom out of the boiler. You would need to put it in a mix of other waste. I worked with Uniconfort year ago and they ended up putting hardened bottoms in the boilers to account for the use of poultry waste.
  3. The one I look after has a walking grate that is also watercooled

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