Buying a JD8345rt RT with past issues, would you Buy or Walk?

Discussion in 'Machinery' started by Farmer-Geddon, Mar 15, 2019.

  1. Why mounted vs trailed? Draft transfer?
  2. Alistair Nelson

    E Yorks
    Yes its the draft transfer into the transmission relative to the straight tug of a trailed machine. We need to remember these machines are basically american where the majority of machines are trailed and that is what they are designed for.
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  3. Mursal

    Mursal Member

    Would you not ask them to make an exception and get them to write it down for you.
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  4. Farmer-Geddon

    Farmer-Geddon New Member

    We have always hired from Ian Hougrave and true trailed only but because ultimately Trio's will brake top links and do more damage to a tracked machine than a mounted one.
    We made ours trailed.
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  5. nick...

    nick... Member

    south norfolk
    Someone local to me just hires a crawler to pull a trio
  6. Speak to dealer and say you really like the look of it, but are put off by the two serious repairs.

    Maybe they will warranty it for a price??
  7. Farmer-Geddon

    Farmer-Geddon New Member

    Speaking to local dealer, they said they will quote for a warranty.
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  8. Chae1

    Chae1 Member

    Don't think any crawler I've driven has had a handbrake.

    On a cat do you not just put it into park?

    Wasn't many hills in Australia.
  9. Sorted.
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  10. Chae1

    Chae1 Member

    Not really, they'll want a fortune for warranty. In which case it will look cheaper to put money in bank and spend it on repairs if or when it breaks down.
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  11. Mursal

    Mursal Member

    Kenny Rogers was another gambler ..............
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  12. I don't know what price is being talked about for the machine in question. If it is hugely lower than the cost of a brand new one, then you are in all likelihood probably still quids in either way.
  13. Farmer_Joe

    Farmer_Joe Member

    The North
    i HAVE TO AGREE, IF DEALER WONT STAND BY IT AT ALL, EVEN FOR MONTHS THEN ITS A TURD, ops caps, if they had any confidence at all they would give some sort of warranty and then even at cost they have to go away to consider it!, looks like this model have issues i would run a mile, it will only disappoint you in the future and make you regret the purchase.

    surely theirs another machine with a better reputation to fit the bill?

    you wanna google millennial farmer youtube, not sure what your using if for but he got challanger on demo and rate it better on a few thing he normally runs deeres
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  14. Suggest you have a read of these past threads and message various members if you want details:

    Whilst there’s a good number of happy campers, there are also a concerning number with serious gearbox issues too. Maybe yours has been sorted now after 2 gearbox surgeries. Then again who knows, maybe not.
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  15. bkg

    bkg Member

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  16. Deerefarmer

    Deerefarmer Member

    He's one of my favorite utubers (y)
    That one tho is powershift and iirc it had quite a few thousand hrs before needing surgery
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  17. Overworked

    Overworked New Member

    I think the dealer has to give a warranty by law, the Consumer Rights Act 2015 gives you a strong position on all used equipment. If you google it and have a read through it might give you a bit of ammunition to go back to the dealer, you might find they respond differently once you mention this. I hope this is helpful.
  18. Farmer-Geddon

    Farmer-Geddon New Member

    I think you are right. Also even if you take out a finance package no mater how small they have a responsibility I was told by my finance guy.
  19. Farmer_Joe

    Farmer_Joe Member

    The North
    Jesus did you see the state of it to put transmission back in, cab off the lot , rum and keep running!
    There’s no way I would run something like that out of warranty, but I can see why the repair is expensive it’s major surgery.
    That guys videos are great,
  20. T C

    T C Member

    Nr Kelso
    Can you afford the downtime ? These things don't break down in the shed.
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