Buying in cattle when under Tb restriction


We have had one clear test after losing a reactor. Was going to apply for a licence to buy some more cattle in just now. I think I read somewhere that In coming cattle will need to have been tested in the previous 30 days. Does anyone know if that’s still the case with cattle coming from Scotland (tb4) down to a Tb1 area. Hoping to buy some in an auction so they won’t have been pre movement tested in that part of the world. Thanks


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Last time I was shut down I didn’t have to post movement test or ensure they had been pre movement tested more than usual. But I am TB1 HR. I can’t see Scottish cattle being an issue. But after the first 4 months I did tell them to stick their buyers licenses and just set too buying in again. Funnily enough I got a sheaf if approved licences later that week after I told them what I thought!!

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Variety ‘watch list’ for wheat yellow rust released

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Written by Charlotte Cunningham

AHDB has issued a yellow rust watch list to help flag winter wheat varieties most likely to perform out of line with the disease ratings published in the Recommended Lists. Charlotte Cunningham reports. The watch list, which orders varieties based on yellow rust levels from the three worst RL trials (for each variety), can help identify those most likely to benefit from closer monitoring, says the levy board. It follows the development of a new rating calculation approach that better reflects the diverse and dynamic nature of the UK’s rust populations, announced at the launch of the online edition of the RL 2021/22 in Dec. Discussions on the latest twists and turns...