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Discussion in 'Renewable Energy' started by landslave the 2nd, May 7, 2016.

  1. Just had a msg pop up on my fbook feed
    Says " investment of 240 k giving 20 % return index linked for 20 yrs
    Is it a Scam
    ..... legitimate
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    My first thoughts are why would anyone be selling such a good investment. However, does the 20 % allow for servicing costs etc.
    If these are sea based i would guess that these could be high.
    Sayning this there are certainly companies which have been set up as developers for which i believe there are substantial tax gains.
    I have been offered a turbine by such a company and the real rate of return was probably less than 1%. It was though in a situation where i had no leverage in the deal and i suspect they were trying to lift my leg.
    I certainly would be very keen on any deal offering such returns , but would read through the deal with a very fine tooth comb and a high degree of incredulity
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    What people seem to often forget is you dont get your capital back , it is a depeciating asset .if the tubine you invest in is on FIT it may now be 5 years into its term , so only 15 years of fit left .
    if you are investing in operational tubines that are going to be operated by another company and serviced by by them you are at risk of inflated maintenance cost from the operator reducing your return.
    there have been several companies offering "Bonds" on this type of project , both solar and wind one at least went bust owing over £7 million to investors , and looking at it was more or less a fraud from the outset as practically none of the 7 milion was invested in any solar or wind schemes , it was just moved to an Australian company , that subsequently went bust and re emerged from the ashes with the same directors scott free
  4. All its says on my fbook feed is his name "Julian Evans " from Rhondda,works for elemental energy PLC in London and the director is Patrick moral, and gives a link to youtube for "master investor interview with Patrick moral of aegis power.
    But that means bugger all to me ..........anyone know this set up ?.........thanks...
  5. Just to add......
    It's posted in " FARMERS FREE AD'S " on fbook under his name ....Julian Evans...If anyone wants to look
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    The cynic in me is screaming "popped up on my facebook feed"?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    Do you reply to those e-mails from Nigeria? o_O:facepalm:
  7. Exfarmer

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    Bury St Edmunds
    As far as I can see
    Elemental Energy is a company set up in March this year with 1 shareholder and a second director
    The shareholder is Patrick Moran and the other director is a Brendan Moran
    Patrick Moran is also the director of Aegis energy , an Irish company which claims to build turbines and has one running at the moment, Erected in 2015
    They also I believe service and maintain turbines
  8. D14

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    Trading in renewable has taken over the installation side of things. 3 companies we have used that were installing things are now basically maintaining systems and also trading in systems. I know of a local 2mw turbine that has sold twice now in 2 years and each time gone up in value. I doubt that one will sell again but its big business. We have been offered 50% of the remaining FIT on a 70kw solar system as a one off payment to sell the system but retain the shed it sits on and also continue to make use of the elec generated. Basically the investor is thinking if I pay 50% of the outstanding FIT I will then make 50% over the next 14 years. If the investor does that 100 times the income generated off the portfolio would easily cover any maintenance things as generally these things are reliable. Conservatively when speaking to them I worked out they were looking to invest about £16.8 million now in established system of about 5 years old. They would then be looking at an annual income of about £2 million per year for the balance of the FIT which is 15 years. Thats without any surplus electricity sales to be account for.

    On those solar systems panels rarely fail and cabling is installed and in place so the main variable is the inverters which do fail from time to time but having 20 inverters fail per year vs a £2 million income is nothing. Annual cleaning of the systems would be about £50k and system health check about £20k.
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    Also says fits are secured on them ?
    How's that if not erected yet ???
  10. Victor Meldrew's Brother

    Fellow farmers (potential investors),

    I have first hand knowledge of the 'person' behind this, Patrick Moran................he's been involved in what might best be described by law authorities 'white collar fraud (that's 'scamming operations' to most people) for quite a few years............I personally know of a further 30 investors in one of his previous schemes that are still awaiting an explanation (over 5 years now!) as to where their/our 3+ million if you're feeling particularly benevolent, go ahead and chuck your money at will NOT see it again, and probably nor him. Various police authorities across EU are still looking into his affairs (german/italian/irish). He has at least 17 failed directorships behind, but he is the master of the gab, but all bluff an no substance, a failed solicitor and married to one too!

    You have been warned! (google his name and solar, or solas, or glas energy, or glas investments, or and so on and so on and so on....)

    The only difference now is that he has got even greedier, is wanting more individual investment and is 'promising' much larger returns...........ho hum.

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    Your card is marked by others regarding Patrick Moran, a goofball bluffer and hopeless businessman of the highest order. The pattern is after his business relations inevitably break down, his attentions then turn to knifing backstabbing and smearing his business associates, in a most nasty sneaky and vindictive fashion. There is a spider that eats its lover. Mr Moran is such a spider. A scary creature.
  13. SRRC

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    Sound like a pleasant chap!
    Apart from all that, as soon as you read a claim of 20% returns you should recognise it's a scam and go back to reading the comics.
    There simply aren't those returns available in the legal markets, and if there were they certainly wouldn't tell the likes of you and me anyway.
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  14. lazyfarmer

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    I have been con
    I have to agree. I met Patrick Moran in London via swan securities and he advised me to invest in his wind Bond. He told me he was a solicitor and his wife a Barrister in Dublin (Tara Madden). He failed to inform me of his checkered past. i have since been made aware that Patrick a shadow Director in several bonds in his brothers name Brendan Moran. This is clear to be seen on companies house. Neil Bongard from swan securities has gone into business with Mr Morans brother (Brendan). Seems he put investors into a failed wind bond then set up another company THE BONDCROWD. Investors be aware of this man.
  15. farmerjoe62

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    I don't know how Patrick Moran is still walking around as a free man, he has practically stolen millions over the years by misleading people into believing that they are investing in a corporate bond secured by fully insured assets. Instead their money is invested in a dud company and lost forever. We fell victim to this scam as he encouraged my wife to invest our pension money in his company's bond which he told us was operating in a government backed renewable energy scheme and had a power purchase agreement with Power NI. Once you invest your money you never hear from him again and after leaving a series of voicemails and emails it soon became clear that our investment was lost without any credible explanation. When you look at his history you can see that he has been doing this for quite some time, setting up worthless companies, calling ordinary people and encouraging them to invest large amounts of money with the promise of a secure investment in an ethical company. He loves to express his ethical motivations such as the need to promote renewable energy and giving small farmers the opportunity to supplement their income which makes the whole experience even more galling. His latest 'company' is RUSSBOROUGH CONSULTING LIMITED.
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  16. Victor Meldrew's Brother

    Worth noting, for the unwary, a few more recent ‘fraud’ vehicles set up by/for Patrick Moran (dob:22/08/75 of Ballynatona Lodge, Ballynatona, Manor Kilbride, Wicklow, Ireland) :

    1. ELEMENTAL ENERGY PLC – (with Brendan Moran)

    2. RUSSBOROUGH CONSULTING LIMITED - (sole designated/declared officer)

    3. AEGIS WIND FINANCE (NO. 2) LIMITED - (now resigned)


    5. Venturetricity Ltd

    (previously used:

    6. Blue Coast Global Global Investments Limited

    7. Solas Power Limited
    from Moran's own mouth on Twitter

    8. Glas Energy Investment Limited

    9. German Solar Companies:
    - Glas Energy Nominees & Co. KG

    - Glas Asset UG (haftungsbeschrankt) & Co KG

    - 3 Glas Asset UGmBH & Co KG

    - Glas Energy Nominees & Co KG

    - 6 Glas Asset KG & Co KG

    - 2 Glas Asset UGmbH (hb) & Co. KG

    A few more currently with relative Brendan Thomas Moran (dob: 02/04/85 of Wotton Ashbourne Road, The Ward, Dublin, Ireland) as his front man:

    10. BONGARD CAPITAL PLC – (with Neil Bongard)

    11. Downard PLC


    13. OAKWOOD RESOURCES PLC - (with Gerard Carew, Michael Carew and Laurence Monahan)


    15. PETROEIR PLC - (with Gerald Boyle and Fergus Murphy)

    Brendan Moran seems to have quite readily acquired Patrick Moran’s ‘taste’ for this sort of thing!


    2. The Bond Crowd/The Equity Crowd (with Neil Bongard)

    Also look out for any company connected with or by Kession which, whilst they allegedly remain above board (god knows how?) the fledgling companies that use them (for a large fee!) get the following (and number 1 is pretty scary!):

    - Lend our FCA permissions to new and existing firms
    - Offer passporting across Europe
    - Provide Complians technology
    - Fund Management
    - Launch, structure and support businesses to be FCA compliant
    - FCA compliance training and exams
    - Standardised compliance process implementation
    - Compliance audits and monitoring
    - Offer a virtual compliance office app
    - Financial Promotion approvals
    - Mentoring, directorships and advisory
    - Equity participation via Kession Nominees
    - Act as a regulated sandbox to test new ventures
    - Listing services (founding member of the GSX)
    - Compliance to Fintech and disruptive technologies
    - Crowdfunding to Hedge Fund incubation
    - P2P Locum services
    - Traditional marketing and sales

    You can NEVER do too much diligence…

    .........and if you encounter these people/companies/ them to the police, City of London Police, Action Fraud, HMRC Fraud, they already have details of much of this, but every little piece of the jigsaw will push for a proper investigation!

    .........and yes he is allegedly married to an Irish barrister Tara Madden.
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  17. Courier

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    And even then if you employ and pay for a certified, registered and suitably insured member of RICS they still remain non-liable.
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  18. wiseowler

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    alert - Patrick Moran has set up ' green energy' bond scams - do not be taken in .
    his latest was Aegis Power - which he used to get money twice using the same security.
    this company like many of his before has gone under, we as investors are trying to get some money back plus hope that he will be arrested for financial fraud either here or in Eire.
    also note that the city has ruthlessly sold his bonds and anyone doing so is part of the rip off. Beauforts Security willingly went in and passed his scam as a genunine investment - they cannot be trusted either.
    anyone seeing or hearing of anything coming from Patrick Moran or his brother should avoid it but also report it to the authorities
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  19. turbofarming

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    Any chance with getting a sticky with names to avoid? Seen rather a few mentioned quite often but only digging through threads.
  20. patrickmoran

    patrickmoran New Member

    I have private messaged the contributor in respect of the grossly defamatory and untruthful comments.

    I have invited the contributor to contact the Administrator, Mr. Goderski of Geoffrey Martin who will be able to confirm the true position.

    Mr. Rory McMullan the director of Aegis is currently being investigated and legal proceedings have been instituted against him by investors for fraud, and to date he has refused to answer these proceedings.

    Mr.McMullan has sought to maliciously impugn my character because in January 2016 I became aware of his unlawful and fraudulant actions and I whistleblew to the authorites and investors. I am on the Creditors Committee providing assistance to the Administrators and we are hopeful that their investment will be recovered in full.

    I remain at all times available for investors to contact me. If any investors wish to contact me they may do so on 07884453252.

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