C4 cover crops

Charles Quick

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Probably mad to think this, but...

Are C4 plants a good choice for summer established cover crops?
Not necessarily maize, thinking more along the lines of millet/sorghum which would work better in a small seed mix.

Very water efficient so should be able to get established in late July after OSR, then put on plenty of biomass before termination in October for WW. May be less suited for an August - March cover behind wheat, but if it gives up and breaks down earlier it could leave a more open cover (say, just Phacelia, clover and volunteer cereals left) for better drilling/establishment.

It's also unrelated to all crops in the rotation, reducing reliance on cereal-type crops to provide the bulk of the biomass. Maybe a slightly increased risk of Fusarium but as it will never get to seed I doubt it's a real issue.

So, does anyone know where I could find a tonne of feed-quality grain to try?
Or can you tell me where I've lost the plot?

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