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  1. Calendars run April - April, so still very much worth it!

    Just in the process of sorting envelopes with address and postage, so should get sent out soon. (y)
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  2. Sussex Martin

    Sussex Martin Member

    Burham Kent
    We've seen a picture of you and we weren't impressed ;), hope you had a wash and shave for this one :LOL::LOL::LOL:.
  3. @Sleepy come on Jake pull your finger out and get some envelopes sorted so @B&B Pig Man can post the calendars, we've lost half the first month already. :whistle:
  4. Tomtrac

    Tomtrac Member

    Penrith cumbria
    Please Make Shure I'm getting half a dozen it's seems years since I filled in application
    Oh and don't forget the cup and badge ha ha ha
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  5. Mursal

    Mursal Member

    Is this the 2018 one?
  6. If @Sleepy and @B&B Pig Man don't pull their fingers out it might as well be.
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  7. Mursal

    Mursal Member

    But don't say anything, we'll just Tipex the 7 out for an 8, or we'll never get it .............
  8. What month was your picture?
  9. Mursal

    Mursal Member

    Are you in it Philip?
  10. One of them is definitely November.

    No, just a couple of photos I took :D
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  11. Might have it by then (y):LOL:
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  12. Woolgatherer

    Woolgatherer Member

    I used to have a perpetual calendar, it was great for recording birthdays etc that are (obviously) on the same day every year. Meant I didn't have to write a new calendar out every year. Maybe that's what this one could be?
  13. Mursal

    Mursal Member

    Ah the comedians are coming out tonight ...............
  14. Woolgatherer

    Woolgatherer Member

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  15. Mursal

    Mursal Member

    Sorry, just my sense of humor ............
  16. Johnnyboxer

    Johnnyboxer Member

    I bet you meant 2018, didn't you :)
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  17. sawdust

    sawdust Member

    If @Gator had his TFF calendar, he could cross off the days till his internet came back on(y)
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  18. flossieb1

    flossieb1 New Member

    Dare we ask for an update?

    Will the @Gator calendar be out first?
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  19. nick...

    nick... Member

    south norfolk
    Could be ready for Christmas
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  20. They are ready - just waiting on envelopes and stamps from HQ. (y)
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