Calf feeder, Norwich to the Westcountry

Discussion in 'Haulage and Backloads' started by pellow, Feb 4, 2019.

  1. pellow

    pellow Member

    anyone travelling from Norwich to anywhere in the Westcountry and can carry an automatic calf feeder and 3 stalls? If they come to Cornwall all the better but I can collect from Gloucester down quite easily but Norwich is a fair project

  2. pellow

    pellow Member

    or if anyone has anything they want taking or bringing back to/from Norfolk from/to the Westcountry on a 12 x 8 flat bed, I might get it myself
  3. grainboy

    grainboy Member

    Nitrams from Cornwall, has bought a conveyor off me,
    Collection Bedford

    Approx 10 ft pallet
  4. GrahamC

    GrahamC New Member

    Morning. Did you get your load sorted ? I have a small piece of machinery ( sawbench, about 250 kilos ) need collecting from Chesham in bucks and running back to Cullompton. Happy to pay if you were running to Norfolk yourself.

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