California to ban small engines

I can't believe I am going to say this but looking at a lot of the stuff they come up with they make the EU look sane.

Ironically some of the biggest polluters has been California with their multimillion acre yearly wildfires not helped by their failure to maintain old logging roads which causes access problems and lack of prevention.

He is not ag but Blancolirio has done some brilliant videos on them including of the pyrocumulus clouds from his day job.

Though given a lot are in steep valleys with rivers below and that the retardants used are phosphate based it make one wonder how much phosphate pollution as well as soil and debris there is in their watercourses it basically bare earth that is left afterwards.
I am sure I have read that the private forests that are grazed in the US don't burn, it is the government owned forests (where the conservationists ban grazing) that build up a fuel load and burn.


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except in China and India where I suspect 80% of transport is 2 stroke powered, India alone is reputed to have over 37 million of them

Yes, it's a big issue.

Asia in general has hundreds of millions of them, they are everywhere.

I spent several weeks off-roading in Vietnam with a guide (very much recommended to any bikers) and their is nowhere you can go where there are not 00's of motorcycles.

It is amazing what you can get on a Honda 50. It was quite amusing, on one of the mountain tracks we were on, their was quite a steep drop (about 1:3) for about 50 meters with loose gravel on top. Quite daunting on our Honda CR250's (big bikes for Vietnam). Once down safely, and around a corner there was a queue of old women, children and many others on Honda 50 type mopeds waiting to go up it !

But, they are slowly moving to electric (god knows how they will get anymore wires on the poles :ROFLMAO: )
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Seems kind of pointless given the 36"+ bars you can fit on Stihl and Husqvarna chainsaws and the size they can fell with them to the point of using hydraulic jacks to fell them


I don't know when everything happened. It goes back a long ways. Vast areas of the Western US had their peak population in the 20's and have been losing population ever since. There was virtually no where outside of National Parks that was not grazed for close to a century, now those areas have 20-80 years of fuel load. The idea that armies people will thin the fuel load in these areas is ridiculous, cattle, sheep and goats are the only way it will be reduced without burning.

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