Calving gate design



Looking to make a calving gate to get access to opposite side of cows. Crush was built against a solid side so I am having problems getting some calves to suck a cow with a low udder.
Plan is to make a calving gate in a pen, but facing opposite way to crush direction. Will be too late for this year, but when fresh in mind...

What are the best features of the ones you have or what should be avoided?
We have found that permanent cross members at bottom of gate are a real hindrance for calves getting into position to apart from that, looking for ideas.



Made this a while back. Got a single space self locking barrier and welded it into a feed gate. Have hinges on both sides so can be used to get to either side of a cow if necessary and swing gate chains to other gate. Very simple 2 bar gate high up above calfs back when pulled tight cows wont kick or fidget. Also very useful when putting back calf beds.


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